About the Doodle Drabble Night (DDN) category

Welcome to the Doodle Drabble Night (DDN) category! DDN is an event run in real time, where creators get together for about three hours once a month to create either a 100 word drabble, or a doodle for 10 prompts that come from a selected theme. Prompts are given out every fifteen minutes with authors and artists encouraged to stretch their creative powers and write/doodle whatever comes to mind!

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Aim: to try and complete a doodle or drabble for as many prompts as possible within the 3 hour time frame (keeping in mind that you only have 15 minutes to create something for each prompt!)
  • Creations can be individual pieces, or you can draw/ write a series of doodles/ drabbles that link all the prompts together.
  • If you write a drabble, it must be exactly 100 words! No more, no less.
  • DDN prompts are open for the entire month, so if you can’t compete on the night, you can create something for the DDN prompts on your own time!
  • If you’re not up for the speed challenge, but still want to create a doodle or drabble for the prompts, you can give yourself a longer timeframe too! You don’t have to finish all 10 prompts on the night, but the idea is that you do something with all 10 prompts every month.
  • When the night is over, you can submit your creations in the thread for the current month’s DDN, and/ or in our Fanworks section!
  • Every month will have a theme selected by one of us mods from a submitted list of themes. To make it interesting, the theme won’t be announced until the end of the night. You are more than welcome to guess the theme of course, and send mod @kaoruhana a DM with your guess. NO guessing the theme in the thread and spoiling the fun for others though.
  • The first person to get the theme for the month right will receive a drabble written by @kaoruhana for any prompt they choose to give her!

And of course, if you have any questions about DDN, don’t hesitate to reach out to the mod for this event, @kaoruhana!


Here is the link to the Interest Check Form to see how many of you might be interested in participating!