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Fiction, art, music and videos - short or long, big or small, come share your work with the rest of the community!


All headcanons and discussions about Kakashi’s and Iruka’s relationships, personalities etc. go here!


Read an awesome fic and want to yell about it? Saw amazing art and want to link everyone to it? Do it here!

Forum Events!

This category is for exclusive events!

Doodle Drabble Night (DDN)

Welcome to the Doodle Drabble Night (DDN) category! DDN is an event run in real time, where creators get together for about three hours once a month to create either a 100 word drabble, or a doodle for 10 prompts that come from a selected theme. Prompts are given out every fifteen minutes with authors and artists encouraged to stretch their creative powers and write/doodle whatever comes to mind!

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

What's Happening?

Stay on top of all the latest fan events, including the bangs! Infos, links, etc.

Prompts and Fills

Want to see fic of something but you just can’t get the words out? Or do you have an artistic vision but don’t have the artistic skills to match? Or maybe you’ve lost inspiration for an idea, and would like to put it up for adoption…

Feedback corner

Do you need a beta reader, or have a WIP you’d like to share (but not abandon), or get feedback on? Do you want to moan about the art of writing or the art of… art? Want to vent about writer’s or artist’s block or ask for advice? This is the place!

Other pairings

Got the feels about other rarepairs involving Kakashi or Iruka? Post them here!