Announcements & KakaIru Events Issue 23, Dec 2021

Yo! We’re back with some more forum news, and updates on the range of KakaIru events taking place!


We have a new shining star in the Creator Spotlight; and that is the wonderful @JKirin ​! You can read about Jinx & her creations here!

You can make holiday emojis with us until 31st Jan! More info here!

We’ve just had our December Doodle Drabble Night, and it was a whole bunch of fun! Now that the prompts have officially been posted, you can have a go in your own time, and share your work with all the other creations (NSFW & Dark goes here. You’ll need access to the Lemon Bar to post or see other creations there)!

The DDN isn’t the only fun thing we host, so we encourage you to visit us, and catch up on the activities and things you may have missed!

These include:

This will be our last newsletter before Christmas, so if you celebrate, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays to those who don’t! Whatever you decide to do these holidays, we hope you have a blast!
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Please keep in mind that the following KakaIru events are only the ones that we know about, and that there may be others we’re not aware of.

If you know of one that we haven’t shared, you can add it to our Events Calendar or What’s Happening category, and we will promote them in our next update!

Forum Events:

  1. KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021! Voting for Week 2 is currently open. Choose your favourite prompts here!

  2. KakaIru Valentine’s Week 2022! The event will be run from 8th Feb - 14th Feb.

Other Events:

Sadly, we haven’t found any other KakaIru events to share at this moment in time. If you find one, or are running one, yourself, please let us know so we can tell everyone about it!

Thank you!

If you have any questions about what’s happening, please don’t hesitate to ask!