DDN DECEMBER 2021 (SFW Drabbles and Doodles

Hello everyone! Please post your SFW DDN Drabbles and Doodles here! Looking forward to seeing what is created! Please see the **rules for the DDN here!**


Today was going to be the most perfect day. The sky was a brilliant blue, the few clouds were white and fluffy, and the grass and leaves were the bright green that only lasts until the heat of summer.

Iruka lay down slowly on the blanket in the grass. He had his thermos of tea, a book he’d been looking forward to reading for months, a lovely bento, and Kakashi lying beside him with his own… book.

“Comfy?” Kakashi asked once Iruka finished settling his head on Kakashi’s stomach.

“Mmmmm, yes.”

Iruka cracked the spine of his book and began reading.


Prompt 1: Green

Still have to add some fur and stuff and we have Grinch!Iruka!



Prompt: Pine

Iruka had seen many forests in his lifetime. One had to when they grew up in Fire. But, he had to admit there was something beautiful about making a trip to Snow and seeing the towering greenery—of a different sort—around them.

Kakashi came up behind him and tucked his chin onto Iruka’s shoulder as they both admired the view from the large panoramic windows in the living room of their guest suite. After a while, Kakashi spoke.

“Changed your mind about marrying me yet? Perks of being the Hokage’s partner mean you get vacations with views like these?”


Prompt 2: Pine

Pine no Jutsu! XD



Prompt: Green

Iruka stared at Kakashi, trying his hardest not to laugh. Besides him, Sakura gave up on containing her giggles, and even the ever-polite Hinata gave up on being silent.
“What is it?” Kakashi asked, one brow raising.

Iruka finally gave in to his laughter and then moved forward, pointing but not touching his husband’s mask.

“You may want to change your mask dear.” He told Kakashi, catching his husband’s hand as it began to migrate upwards. The green glitter was in danger of spreading everywhere soon.

“Perhaps,” Sakura piped up, “you shouldn’t try babysitting Boruto and Sarada without Iruka-sensei around.”


Prompt 3: Angel

Haven’t seen many descriptions of Kakashi as the angel so though, yes, yes, Kakashi it is.
Iruka’s guardian angel maybe?



Prompt: Angel

Naruto giggled as he collapsed onto the ground, the soft snow giving in under his weight. He swung his arms up and down, and up and down, then frowned.

“Iruka-sensei?” He called.

It wasn’t Iruka, but his new boyfriend who appeared in Naruto’s vision. He held out a hand, and Naruto took it, stand up carefully and stepping away to admire his snow creation. As he proceeded to yell happily and go around creating more, Iruka approached Kakashi and squeezed his hand.

“Thanks.” He said smiling. “For cancelling our date, I mean. And spending the day with me and Naruto.”


Prompt 4: Ornament

Ok, drawing the tree parts was super hard o.O




“Is this one good?”

“Too short.”

They walked a little further into the trees. Kakashi stopped.

“How about this one?”

“No, too sparse in this section.”

“That section can go up against the wall.”

“Just a little further. I know we’ll find the perfect tree soon.”

Kakashi sighed. When they left this morning he hadn’t thought their hunt for a Christmas tree would take so long. At least he’d bundled up well.

After another ten minutes of tramping through the snow, Iruka called out, “Kakashi! This is it! The perfect pine for pur first Christmas together!”

Kakashi melted inside.


Prompt 5: String

How could I not do the red string of fate?!



Prompt: Ornament

Iruka hung up yet another ornament, then stepped back. Kakashi looked up from the lights then grinned.


Iruka nodded, stepping back.

He felt his foot catch and then yelped, tumbling onto the floor.

Or, he would have, if Kakashi didn’t move and catch him in time.

Kakashi blinked, his white hair flopping lazily over his face and grinned down. “You know, if you wanted to fall into my arms, all you had to do was ask.”

Iruka scowled, then found himself laughing at Kakashi’s antics. “Guess I know the secret then.” He murmured, adjusting his position in Kakashi’s arms.


Prompt 6: Lights



I did join in, after all! :chruparty:

Prompt 6: Lights
ddn lights


omg @kakairu-shrine, this is just too cute! I love the expression on Iruka’s face :chruupsidedown:

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Can you tell he doesn’t decorate very often? :joy:


I was thinking either that or he got caught in the crossfire between Kakashi and Naruto - just to throw a bit of found family in there~ :chruhearteyes:

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Prompt 6: Lights

Iruka trudged down the sidewalk. It was cold, wet, and he was more than ready, to just head inside and call it a day. It had been a long day with the kids at school: the day before the Winter Break was always a mess, but he swore this year’s class was worse.

So the last thing he wanted to do was set up Christmas lights with Kakashi even though he’d promised him they’d put them up together.

When he rounded the corner to his house, he stopped and stared.

Kakashi simply waved in front of their fully decorated house.


Prompt 7: Star

Kakashi is of course making Iruka see stars!



Prompt 7: Star
ddn star