Which of the Sand siblings would be most festive in the holidays?

:christmas_tree: :fireworks: :flags:

  • Temari
  • Kankuro
  • Gaara

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For some reason my brain just instantly lit up with an image of Kankuro :chruupsidedown: :chruparty:

I have absolutely no basis for this other than it feels right! Maybe it’s the gap it would be between his demeanor in the series and being a holiday person that I find intriguing.

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I was originally thinking maybe Gaara would be, at least on his first real holidays with his siblings when he becomes Kazekage & stuff, not necessarily because he loves the holidays or is desperately trying to make up for what he missed out on in his childhood, but more so he can learn why people are so invested in their traditions & stuff; and the more he learns about the holidays, the more things he wants to make available for people. Cue him decorating the entire village & having the best lights display in all of the Narutoverse XD

BUT also, now that you mention it, I could definitely see Kankuro being festive, too. He & Temari would like the holidays, but I feel like Temari would enjoy them quietly, to herself, whereas I could totally see Kankuro doing an xmas themed puppet show every year for all the kids. As a kid, he did them to practice & show off his skills, but now he just does it for the tradition & because he likes seeing how excited all the kids get when they watch his little shows :heart: