Most Invested in Decorating for the Holidays

Who is most invested in decorating for the Holidays?

Hands down, it would be Iruka. Iruka goes all out with the decorations: lights, those little paper snowflakes that, at least I, had to make as a child, tinsel and ornaments strung about. For him, this is important because Christmas is the time of year he associates with his parents, and the kids at school are so excited about it, that it kind of carries over.

Kakashi meanwhile hasn’t and doesn’t really celebrate holidays because he never knows if he’ll be in Konoha or out on a mission. So, he doesn’t decorate at all. On the few years he’s around, Gai will drag him out for a drink or two, but otherwise, it’s just him and his pack lounging about his apartment and enjoying a quiet day off.

I like to think that Kakashi would treasure Iruka’s decorations when they got together and would try his hardest to come home to Iruka to see them.

What about y’all?


I agree with that assessment. In addition, I don’t expect that Kakashi’s had a lot of practice keeping track of the date during his ANBU years, so I think the very idea would catch him off guard when he happens to be back in Konoha in December.


Oh, that’s an interesting (and when you think about it, kind of sad) idea. The idea that Kakashi maybe uses these decorations as a way to keep track of the seasons and realizes that its only December or something if he sees Christmas trees is very bittersweet. But I think you’re right in that it fits his personality, doesn’t it?
Oh, now you’ve just given me an idea for a story!

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