The Traditional Introductions Thread!

Hey there everyone! And anyone who pops by.

In the name of forum traditions, here is an introduction thread for anyone and everyone to put themselves out there into the world.

I don’t have a format for anyone, to follow, so I’ll start - my name’s Rika, also known as rikacain on both tumblr and ao3. I got into the kakairu train around the beginning of 2019, and it doesn’t look like the train will slow down any time soon.



Um… Hi. I’m Lady. I go by the_lady_smaell pretty much every where lol (A03, dA,, Tumblr), not the most active poster on most of these but I’m trying. Been reading Naruto since about 2005 and writing KakaIru since about 2009, with a hiatus until recently due to having to be an adult (urgh). So I guess I’m kinda old lol.

I still love these boys so hard and I guess was looking for the chance to meet up with some of the members of the community, I love chatting ideas and anything fandom related. It keeps the creative juices flowing. :grin:


welcome welcome both of you! we’ll try to get things set up real soon. also we’re currently looking for a logo, so if anyone has any ideas at all (i have very little artistic talent…) then just head on over to the site feedback forum to take a look at what’s needed!

Samesies! :grin: I started out on LJ, what about you?

Welcome! You summarized my reasons for making this forum pretty well. :smile: I also love to just chat and have headcanons and all, it’s so good to see everyone else’s ideas.

I guess I should also introduce myself. :smile: My name is arties, that is what I usually use nowadays on ao3 and tumblr. I also started out shipping kakairu in my teenage years, so it’s been quite a while… (I hereby claim the fandom grandma title! :grinning:)

I honestly really missed the forum style interaction, - and also think tumblr is on its slow demise -, so I abused my knowledge of system administration to make this little website. I hope we’ll have fun! :heart_decoration:


Chuckles We can be Grandma’s together then lol.

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:yarn: Grandma power!

I started on AOL messanger, writing roleplays for ships with friends, and then moved to forums like this one. Even made one of my own a million years ago…I wonder if it’s still out there, in the internet void. The forum I frequented most often (and still visit) is aarinfantasy, because they had tons of doujinshis for Kakairu :heart_eyes:

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Hi. I’m Hex. I go by hexadecimalrebooted on AO3 and Hexadecimal00 on Tumblr. I orginally got into Naruto over a decade ago but wasn’t in the fandom. I re-started it again when I found out the manga was actually going to finish and I binged the series very quickly. I ended up getting into KakaIru after stumbling across it while reading a GaaLee fic. I went in at full power after that and started writing too. Mostly, though, I lurk around.


Hi, my name is Madison; and I’m a 23yo from Australia. I have like, five different go-to usernames, and didn’t coordinate any of them when I made my tumblr and ao3 accounts, so I go by kakairu-shrine on tumblr (or my main/ personal is darkangelrising), and demonofabove on ao3.

I’ve only been in the fandom and shipping kakairu for a few years, and only started really investing my time in kakairu stuff and posting content since June. I’m mainly a writer, but I’m teaching myself to draw, so I try making kakairu art, too, though it is definitely not where my talents lie… yet! I also taught myself piano a while back, and have recently been getting into making kakairu-inspired music; but that takes a lot longer to produce than anything else I do, so I only have one track up on tumblr atm.

I don’t personally know anyone in the fandom, let alone anyone who ships kakairu, so I’m really glad I’ve finally found people I can chat about it with and share the kakairu love :heart:


Hi! I’m Anabel (Annie), I’m from Argentina and I’m 27 years old. I fell in love with Iruka when I was like 14/15?? and I found about KakaIru while looking for fanarts of him and wow. There were so many amazing stories and art of them-- Our community is amazing :heart: And I don’t know, there’s just something about these two that warms my heart and makes me smile like an idiot, ughh they’re just perfect!

I’m also a self taught artist and I spend almost all my free time drawing fanarts for our lovely teachers.There are still so many ideas I want to draw-- So I’ll be around for a long time~! :kissing_heart:


ah rp! used to do it when i was younger. i was thinking of opening up a category for people who might want to rp - but perhaps if there’s enough demand for it hahaha. at the very least i’ve seen people advertising on ao3…

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Hey hex, welcome to the forum! Honestly same - I watched Naruto a long time ago, and only got into the fandom this year. Glad to be here now - though I’m quite sad about all the content I missed with the deletions and the LJ strikethroughs…

hey madison! welcome to the forum! it’s amazing you’re branching out to so many different ways of creating - i don’t have much of an ear for music, but i do know that composing take mad skills. and art too - starting late is hard and giving up is easy, but i hope you push through!

we’ll prolly have to put up a content category at some point haha, so that everyone can post up their creations! community needs content to thrive, eh?

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heya annie, welcome welcome! you put into words exactly how i feel about kkir - u can’t for the life of me get me to explain what i like so much about them, but when i see them being happy and together it’s just, bliss.

don’t be afraid to shamelessly self advertise on this forum - there’s so much content already but we’re all always eager for more!

Thanks! :grinning: I’m not worried about being a late bloomer – I’ve still got my whole life ahead of me to learn and perfect my skills; and I certainly don’t plan on giving up when I’ve only just begun!

Infinite kakairu content, here I come! :sunglasses:

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Oh cool, I never heard of aarinfantasy, but I’ll check it out! Especially if there are doujinshis :grin:

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Welcome Hex! I know the feel, I only finished the manga like a year or two ago as well, after absentmindedly wondering about whatever had happened. Also, lurkers unite! :grin:

Welcome Madison! So you compose next to writing and art? :open_mouth: That’s so cool! I hope we’ll get to hear some of your work in the future! :musical_keyboard: We are very happy you joined us! :grin:

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