Here to announce OCTOBER DDN! This month we are hosting our DDN on October 28 from 8-11 pm, US EST, and we hope to see you all there!

If you’re not sure what that time translates to in your time zone, you can use this **time zone converter**to check! You can use New York to check the time as it is in the right time zone.

We will have another theme for you to guess, which we have already chosen; but if there’s a particular one you’d like us to do in the future, please message one of us mods so we can add it to our list of DDN themes!

If you’re interested in the event, please let us know whether you’re going or not by responding to the event notice or commenting below!

And, if you want to refresh your memory of what a DDN is, and what the rules are, please read this post; or if you want something to do while you’re waiting, you can take a look at the last set of prompts and have a go at those!

If you want to take a peek at the prompts for September’s First DDN, you can find them here. For the DDN Prompts for the 2nd September DDN, take a look here!

Prompts from both DDNs will be available to use until Friday’s DDN!

We look forward to seeing you soon!



Almost time for DDN! Some housekeeping before it starts.

Reminder that you technically have 15 minutes per prompt to make it fun and creative. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to the time frame. If you feel up to the challenge, we’ll definitely be excited to cheer you on though!

And remember: if you guess the theme right for tonights DDN, you get a drabble written by me for the prompt of your choosing! Please DM me if you have a guess as we want to keep the theme secret until the end of tonight’s DDN!

Also, you can post your SFW Doodles and Drabbles here and your NSFW/DARK Doodles and Drabbles here at the Lemon Bar! I generally keep 3 tabs open on my computer so I can follow along to all of the amazing works created in real time.

I hope you all are excited about DDN!


And we are off with the first prompt: spook


5 min warning!

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And Prompt 2: ritual


5 minute warning on prompt 2!

@mt_nikolle : New story! New Story! I’m so excited!

@oneinist : nice take on prompt one!

@Cyhyr : that was such a beautiful scene!

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Gotta take a brain break from the other one. These are independent though… unless something happens later…

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And Prompt 3: scream

Also congrats to @mt_nikolle for guessing the theme already! As a reminder, the theme won’t be revealed until the end, and if you want to still guess, you can: just DM me :slight_smile:

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@oneinist Very cute! Is this ghostly Iruka and Kakashi?

@Cyhyr So sweet!

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@oneinist: that art is wonderful! How did you make that in 20 mins??? I love the texture: it reminds me of crayons?

Five minute warning!

@Cyhyr : No!!! Kakashi save him!

@oneinist : I love your interpretation of the theme!

@mt_nikolle : The screamery, I love it!

@radseeds : I love it! Was it for spook?

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Prompt 4: scare

my wifi is being rude and won’t let me upload my crunchy little sketch :scream:

oh no! Feel free to upload it later, we would love to see it! I’m glad you are able to participate though!

@oneinist I love both of these so much! The scream made me giggle.

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Five minute warning!

@oneinist : I’ve always liked your art, but I really think these are some of your best works yet!

@Cyhyr : :joukashitear: At least it’s canon and I know he’ll be okay.

@mt_nikolle : Oh, it gets more and more interesting.