Knockout! The kakairu mini trope tournament!

Knockout! Announcing the kakairu mini trope tournament!


The forum is hosting its first event! Dynamic! Youthful! Exciting! :sparkles: Come join us for our battle of the tropes, vote as they go head-to-head weekly and win prizes with your nomination!

First prize: a dedicated fic written just for you by one of the mods!
Second prize: a fic banner or another image created for your work or for a theme you’d like!

Nominations and more details will be released on 9 June 2020!

Watch this topic for details, and get your tropes ready for battle! :muscle:



All nominations take place in this topic. To nominate, you need to sign up or sign in via Twitter or Discord, and reply with the following template:

Tell us about it:
Fic or art recs displaying the trope (if any!):

Since this is a mini round, a total of eight tropes will be accepted (for now! We might reconsider if there are a lot of nominations). Nominations take place on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to be quick! :wink:


Nominated tropes will be randomly placed in match-ups - the bracket will be posted here. Voting will then take place every week, where any signed in member can vote!

Nominations begin today, until the end of this week! Nominations can be submitted up until the midnight of Monday 14th, [CT 00:00]

Put your best trope forward!!!


Does hurt/comfort count?

@MagnusTesla mmm. i’d say it feels more like a genre at this point. do you think you can go the slightest bit deeper? :smiley:

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What about found family? Friends to lovers? :heart:

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Those are good tropes and acceptable for nomination! :smiley:

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Then I nominate found family!

A favourite fic of mine:

Not Quite So Soulless by Aviss


Is it just one nomination per person? I added one of my old fave fics to the nomination :heart:

we’re trying to stick to one nomination per person but… ahaha… at this rate it looks likely you’re gonna be the default winner lmfaooo

Trope: Body Sharing
Tell us about it: Character A’s and Character B’s (or multiple characters) minds share one body.
Fic or art recs displaying the trope (if any!): The Odd Couple by emmykay


Trope: Fake/Pretend Relationship
Tell us about it: Character A and B pretend for whatever reason (undercover as a couple, noisy relatives, etc) to be a couple and now have to be convincing despite not having feelings for each other (or have they?).
Fic/Art refs: and by dahtwitchi


Trope: Enemies to lovers
Tell us about it: Character A and B are enemies or hate the other for some reason but eventually grow to like each other.
Fic or art recs displaying the trope (if any!): Cannot think of any at the moment.


Trope: arranged marriage
Tell us about it: the characters are forced into marriage because of familial or other obligations. Reasons of inheritence etc
Fic or art recs displaying the trope (if any!): With this Ring by Dokuba ( )or I Do by Alexianite ( ) I don’t know how to code the links. I’m sorry.


Trope: Rock band AU
Tell us about it: the characters are (or were) music players on a band or the characters are from rival bands, etc.
Fics or art recs displaying the trope (if any!):Liner Notes by Megyal


Trope: soulmate AU (my poor brain blanked, but I really do love soulmate AUs :heart:)
Tell us about it: each person has a one true love/mate
Fic or art rec: Magnus’s “Bind Me (Together, Forever)”
Also all the rest of kkir soulmate minibangs! :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you very much for your nominations! <3 <3 <3 As of now we have the following tropes:

  1. Found Family - @MagnusTesla
  2. Body Sharing - @Tea-Blitz
  3. Fake/Pretend Relationship - @catnerys
  4. Enemies to Lovers - @NKI-Stories
  5. Arranged Marriange - @Hex
  6. Rock Band AU - @myka1231
  7. Soulmate AU - @badger
  8. Idiots in Love - @Dunloth

All excellent tropes huhuhu. We only need one more before we’re good to go! ;D


Trope: Idiots in love
Tell us about it: They have a huge crush on each other, but they both think the other one couldn’t possibly love them in a thousand years. Obliviousness abounds. Bonus: everyone around is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Fic or art recs displaying the trope (if any!):


And… we’re off!

We’ve got an exciting lineup in front of us! Voting will take place over the course of one week, so if you’re real passionate about one of the tropes, tell your friends to come support it!

Round 1: Rock Band AU v. Body Sharing
Round 2: Enemies to Lover v. Idiots in Love
Round 3: Arranged Marriage v. Found Family
Round 4: Soulmate AU v. Fake/Pretend Relationship

We’ll be opening up different posts for each poll, so we can discuss and give recs about each respective trope. Or perhaps even talk about possibilities of the two boys in that setting! :grin:


ROUND 1 WINNER: Rock Band AU! :guitar:
ROUND 2 WINNER: Idiots in Love! :persevere:
ROUND 3 WINNER: Found Family! :family_man_man_girl_boy:
ROUND 4 WINNER: Fake/Pretend Relationship! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Sorry to put this event on a hiatus, but the mods are going through a real busy period in my life at the moment. But we’ll be back really REALLY soon.

Round Three will return shortly on the 1st of July, so stay tuned! :musical_note:


We’re back on track! Thank you very much for your patience! :two_hearts: