Round 4: Soulmate AU v. Fake/Pretend Relationship

Right on the heels of the previous round is another exciting one!

On on side, we have the Soulmate AU as nominated by @badger! A classic across fandoms - in which each person has a true love, or a true mate, meant for them. Whether there are marks to help them find each other, or definite proof to affirm their relationship only after they had fallen in love, this trope is bound to please all.

On the other side, we have the Fake/Pretend Relationship - nominated by @catnerys! Maybe they’re trying to convince Naruto, their friends, or some regulatory authority that just needs them to be a happy couple before they can exercise their rights - but they’re sure not convincing themselves that their feelings are less than real! From hijinks to the inevitable (but brief) angst, this trope is a consistently enjoyable ride.

The voting for this round will last until this Sunday - 16th of August! Another round where it’s impossible to see just which will pull through - we’re sure excited to see the results!

  • Soulmate AU
  • Fake/Pretend Relationship

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:boxing_glove: Let’s go! FIGHT!! :boxing_glove:

For the Soulmate AU, badger recommended “Bind Me (Together, Forever)” by MagnusTesla! They say that you take on the best characteristics of the ones you love - this takes it to a physical level. Badger is so enthusiastic about this trope that they also recommend all the rest of kkir soulmate minibangs! The full list of all the good fics (and others!) can be found here.

For the Fake/Pretend Relationship, catnerys recommended save us all from kids with good intentions and What makes a good relationship? by dahtwitchi, a comic series where Iruka and Kakashi team up to get a newlywed Naruto eager to share the joys of married life off Iruka’s back. In addition, a favourite of mine: a place where i sink to sleeping by pepperfield, which has its own summary but mine is: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Hokage must be in want of a partner.”

Have any other recs? Don’t hesitate to tell us! :smiley:

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Okay, this one has been very hard because I love both tropes. :sob:
On the bright side, I’ll be happy with any of them winning this round.