Round 1: Rock Band AU v. Body Sharing

Kicking off the tournament with our very first round!

On one side, we have the Rock Band AU trope, nominated by @myka1231! Whether Kakashi or Iruka are members of a band, whether they are part of separate bands - a sizzling rivalry, anyone? - or whether they’ve left the band scene behind and are living their days out in what seems like normalcy, there’s an infinite wealth of potential!

On the other side, we have the Body Sharing trope nominated by @Tea-Blitz! Two people sharing one body - sounds like a recipe for disaster, or to learn about each other intimately. You can’t hide things from yourself, after all - but as they say, to reap the rewards of being loved you must subject yourself to the mortifying ordeal of being known.

The voting for this round will last until this Sunday - 5th of July! So get your mouse ready and choose your favorite trope!

  • Rock Band AU
  • Body Sharing

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:boxing_glove: Let’s go! FIGHT!! :boxing_glove:

For the Rock Band AU, Myka has recommended megyal’s Liner Notes in particular - an amazing read about gratitude and sacrifice. As an addition, here is some fanart that I think fits the trope! Kakashi as the leading man of the band… chef’s kiss

As for Body Sharing, tea has recommended emmykay’s The Odd Couple - a jutsu mixup that lands Iruka’s in Kakashi’s body! An inconvenience that neither party appreciates until they grow closer… but time might just be running out for Iruka.

The author has mentioned in their author’s note that there were no other fics of this trope in the pairing… so that might just be a challenge!

Have any recommendations you think fit the tropes? Or do you just want to put out some ideas about what you’d think you’d like to see in a fic involving that trope? Just comment below!