Round 3: Arranged Marriage v. Found Family


We’re back on track with a pair of heavy hitters for this round!

On on side, we have the Arranged Marriage as nominated by @Hex ! Whether out of the need to preserve their own or their family’s social statuses, or for other reasons political, legal, whichever, arranged marriages can turn out well or disastrously! But sometimes the bond borne out of duty can lead to stronger feelings, like love.

On the other side, we have Found Family - nominated by @MagnusTesla! Sometimes a family is two ninja dads and one loud son, as well as eight dogs. Sometimes it also includes their mutual students and their friends. But across all of the scenarios, this remains the same: you do not need blood ties to declare who you call part of your family.

The voting for this round will last until next Sunday - 9th of August! This round is so exciting - two tropes where love is borne out not out of blood but of choice and circumstance! Can’t wait to see which wins!

  • Arranged Marriage
  • Found Family

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:boxing_glove: Let’s go! FIGHT!!

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For the Arranged Marriage trope, hex recommended With this Ring by Dokuba (involving the infamous scene of Iruka hurling a sake cask at Kakakshi’s (deserving) head) and I Do by Alexianite, where the Uchiha and the Senju has the tradition to marry one of their own to each other and… well, you know how it goes.

For the Found Family, Magnus recommended Not Quite So Soulless by Aviss - a lovely story involving soulmarks, the removal thereof, and how you could fall in love without them anyway. And my own recommendation: a comic about the various people Kakashi has cooked with and what it means to Kakashi!

Have any other recs? Don’t hesitate to tell us! :smiley:

They’re neck and neck, ahhhh!!

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