Round 2: Enemies to Lovers v. Idiots in Love

Our second match-up, a spicy one!

On on side, we have the classic Enemies to Lovers trope, nominated by @NKI-Stories! Kakashi and Iruka may be in the same village, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enemies - if not out of loyalty then merely out of distaste. But to grow to like each other despite the initial hatred… that’s love, baby!

On the other side, we have the ever adorable Idiots in Love - nominated by @Dunloth! As they put it incredibly well:

They have a huge crush on each other, but they both think the other one couldn’t possibly love them in a thousand years. Obliviousness abounds. Bonus: everyone around is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

With such a premise, who could resist?

The voting for this round will last until this Sunday - 12th of July! This is a real hard choice (at least for me) so choose wisely!!

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Idiots in Love
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:boxing_glove: Let’s go! FIGHT!! :boxing_glove:

For the Enemies to Lover trope, NKI didn’t have any recommendations off the top of their head - but I sure do! The first on my list is A_Quiet_Place’s The root of the weed - where Iruka as a ward of the Sarutobis find himself in the unique position to seduce Kakashi, the ward of Shimura Danzou. Or if you prefer something Western, then decaf_kitty’s WANTED delivers nicely with Deputy Sheriff Kakashi on the lookout against a vigilante - though he didn’t quite expect that he’d be looking out to kiss him.

For the Idiots in Love, dunloth recommended this absolutely cute fanart where they just need a bit of liquid courage to ask each other out! (or perhaps far more than that.)

And here is upset_and_confused’s Came For the Muscles, Stayed For The… in which Kakashi is a IG fitness model whose IG Iruka has stalked rather thoroughly.

Have any other recs? Don’t hesitate to tell us! :smiley:

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A rec for the Enemies to Lovers trope:
Black Market, by Sandyclaws68.

16K, rating T

Being assigned a mission with Hatake Kakashi was bad enough. Being assigned to pose as the other man’s mistress was that much worse.
Iruka honestly believed that it wasn’t possible to make the situation more bizarre than it already was. But between Genma, Izumo, and Kotetsu’s clumsy attempts at matchmaking and Sakura repeatedly threatening to grind them all into dust he just might be proven wrong.

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helping out the competition? :stuck_out_tongue: hahah jkjk that was a real enjoyable read! i can’t believe i haven’t read that before!

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I love Black Market so much. It had me laughing so much!!

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Hello! I am taking a chance since this topic is from 4 years ago.

I enjoyed “The Root of the Weed” and I kept it in my ao3 subscriptions. I just recently felt the urge to re-read it, and it was gone! The author A_Quiet_Place appears to have left ao3.

Does anyone know of other ways to contact the author to ask about the story? Other social media sites?

Mods, I hope I am doing this right! Please let me know if I need to move this reply or take it down.

Thanks for your question! We do have a category called Fic Search, where people can ask about certain fics, so I would appreciate it if you could move your question there :blush:

I just did some digging, and I’m afraid I can’t find any leads on the author’s socials, or the fic you were after, so they may be completely offline now. Perhaps you could try asking in the discord group Forbidden Scrolls of KakaIru, as it’s more active than here, and someone else may have more information or know the author?