Hi there! We are finally back with the :pencil2: :paintbrush: DDNs :paintbrush: :pencil2:
(Doodle Drabble Night for any newcomers :lovebomb:). This time mod oneinist will be hosting for you :sparkles:

If you have set your time zone in your forum profile the event should update to your time zone automatically, and if you haven’t you can use a time zone converter to figure out what time the event is for you. The original timezone is UTC+9 and the event runs Saturday morning 09:00-12:00. We do not have daylight saving time in Japan so please account for that if you do! You can use this time zone converter to check against Tokyo and where you are~

We will have another theme for you to guess, which we have already chosen; but if there’s a particular one you’d like us to do in the future, please message any of the mods so we can add it to our list of DDN themes!

If you’re interested in the event, please let us know whether you’re going or not by responding to the event notice or commenting below!

And, if you want to refresh your memory of what a DDN is, and what the rules are, please read this post; or if you want something to do while you’re waiting, you can take a look at the last set of prompts, and have a go at those!

We hope you can join us!

Thanks for joining the DDN!

Theme: Fantasy

  1. potion
  2. elf
  3. woods
  4. armor
  5. enchanted
  6. dungeon
  7. treasure
  8. quest
  9. dragon
  10. wizard

Okay I thought this was going to work, but I have an obligation at that time. So sorry I can’t make it after all! :sob:

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! Hope to see you next time :strawberry:

:mantelpiece_clock: Almost time for DDN! :mantelpiece_clock:
:broom: Some housekeeping before starting :broom:

A reminder that you technically have 15 minutes per prompt to make it fun and creative. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to the timeframe. If you feel up to the challenge, we’ll definitely be excited to cheer you on though! After 5 prompts we’ll take a 15 min break in the middle~

And remember: if you guess the theme right for tonight’s DDN, you get a doodle by me for the prompt of your choosing! Please DM me if you guess as we want to keep the theme secret until the end of tonight’s DDN!

Also, you can post your and your February 2024 SFW Doodles and Drabbles here and your February 2024 DDN NSFW/DARK Doodles and Drabbles! - Lemon bar here!

If you are unsure whether your doodle or drabble should go in SFW or not, it’s never bad to play it safe and put it in the NSFW/Dark (aka the Lemon Bar). Here is a very concise overview of what is considered SFW/NSFW/Dark.

Most importantly let’s have fun creating together!

:amazingbomb: :lovebomb:

:paintbrush: 10 minutes till we start! :pencil2:

And here we go!

Prompt 1: potion

You have :mantelpiece_clock: 15 minutes :mantelpiece_clock:

Hello! I’ll be writing as soon as I finish waking up. Just finished a necessary nap.

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:warning: 5-minute warning :warning:

Yay!! :lovebomb:
Glad you could make it~

Prompt 2: elf

You have :mantelpiece_clock: 15 minutes :mantelpiece_clock:

@mt_nikolle What iiiis Naruto cooking up :eyes:

:warning: 5-minute warning :warning:

Prompt 3: woods

You have :mantelpiece_clock: 15 minutes :mantelpiece_clock:

:eye: :eye:


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:warning: 5-minute warning :warning:

Prompt 4: armor

You have :mantelpiece_clock: 15 minutes :mantelpiece_clock:

Oh my gosh, @mt_nikolle! The bears are hilarious :chrulaughtear:

:warning: 5-minute warning :warning:

Prompt 5: enchanted

You have :mantelpiece_clock: 15 minutes :mantelpiece_clock:

@oneinist Your doodles are all so awesome! Iruka looks fantastic in that armor, and him and Kakashi look so sweet curled together up elves.

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