February 2024 SFW Doodles and Drabbles

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There was the sound of mad cackling coming from the kitchen and it woke Iruka from a sound sleep. He poked Kakashi in the side and mumbled, “Go see what your kid is up to…”

“Why is he my kid…?” Kakashi whined back.

“Because you’re the one who taught him to cook.”

Kakashi yawned, but rolled out of bed anyway. He padded down the hallway, and it was only the habits of a lifetime that kept his footsteps silent. Not that it would have mattered with all the noise Naruto was making.

“What are you doing…?” Kakashi started to ask.



“These shoes are ridiculous. Where on Earth did you even get them?”

“Special order from the Snow Country.”

"You can’t be serious. There’s no way they wear these things up there!”

“The curly toes help them move on top of the snow.”

“No way!” came the disbelieving huff. “How do the green and red stripes help, then?”

The explanation continued, “It’s part of the legend, too, you know.”

With such a deadpan explanation, he was still sure he was getting pranked. The shoes he could maybe, possibly, believe, but the bright green and red stuck out like a sore thumb.


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:notes: “Don’t go out in the woods today…”

“That might be a problem,” Kakashi interrupted, “ because we, you know, live in the woods.”

“Spoil sport. It’s just part of the song,” Iruka teased back. “Plus, it sets the atmosphere.”

“Because we’re going to henge into bears?”

Iruka laughed. “I mean, we could… the looks on everyone’s faces would be hilarious!”

“But how would we carry the picnic baskets?!”

“How do your ninken manage?” Iruka asked, genuinely curious.

“They would never be so undignified!”

Iruka snorted. “Except when you make them bring you take out!”

They henged into bears. Only Naruto screamed.



“Excuse me, Sir.”

Kakashi looked up from his anvil at the sound of the timid voice. There was a young man standing there, his hair in a high ponytail.

“Can I help you?” Kakashi grunted.

The young man recoiled at the gruff tone, but visibly pulled himself together.

“I need a set of armour,” he stated.

“What on earth makes you think I can do that?”

“You’re a blacksmith aren’t you?”

“Kid, this is a small village. I make nails, and shoe plough horses, and sharpen tools and kitchen knives—”

“They said you were the best! Before you came here.”



Iruka crept through the castle halls. If anyone caught him in here, he’d be in real trouble. It was worth the risk, though, to find Kakashi. He hoped and prayed that the sorcerer hadn’t done anything terrible or permanent to him.

The hall seemed to stretch forever, and Iruka’s tension went up a notch with every door he passed. It may have been the dark of night, but it was still much too silent.

Iruka peeked around a corner and gasped. Things were suddenly so much worse. Kakashi was just sitting there in the feasting hall, and he appeared enchanted…


“I am not eating that.” Sakura complained, absolute conviction in her voice.

“You will. Or you’ll starve,” Sai rebutted.

Iruka whapped them both on the back of the head.

“Sai, not helpful. But, you’ll need to eat it, Sakura.”

“You knew we’d have to eat the monsters when you agreed to come, Sakura,” Naruto whined.

“But, but—” she spluttered.

“He’s right, Sakura. Has anything Yamato cooked tasted anything but delicious?” Kakashi asked.


“Then trust that he can make the slime taste great, too!”

Sakura sighed. She did. She did! But… It always looked so gross after they killed them.



Iruka grabbed the collar of Naruto’s cloak.

“Just where are you going, young man?”

“I just want to see what’s down there…” Naruto whined, pointing.

“Then you talk to the party about it. You know better than to sneak off by yourself!” Iruka reprimanded him.

Kakashi approached and wrapped an arm around Iruka’s waist.

“I’m sure he won’t do it again,” he said, “right?”

The look in Kakashi’s eyes told Naruto that there was only one correct answer. “Yeah, yeah…”

“Do you want me to take the harness off the pack horse for you? She doesn’t wander off hunting treasure.”




Kakashi woke up in the middle of the night, unsure what woke him. He groped beside him, but couldn’t find Iruka. He crawled out of bed to search for him.

Once out in the hall, he heard the sound of rustling papers and followed it to their office. He opened the door and found Iruka rifling through piles of papers.

“What are you looking for at this time of night?” he asked, yawning and stretching.

“Gotta find it,” Iruka mumbled, “It’s here somewhere.”

Kakashi was confused. “What is?”

“The form!” Iruka never took his eyes off the haphazardly scattered sheets.



“Kakashi, don’t—” Iruka called as he lunged for Kakashi.

There was a pop and a cloud of smoke and then, where a Kakashi had been, a gigantic dragon with spinning red and black eyes. Iruka frantically scabbled backwards.

Once he deemed himself far enough away, he looked up and observed the dragon. Besides the spinning eyes, the dragon had a mane of white hair and… oh, a scar bisecting its, no, his left eye.


The dragon nodded.

Iruka didn’t know it was possible for a dragon to look pathetic. He stroked Kakashi’s muzzle. Gently, he said, “I’ll figure it out.”