DDN January 2022

Hey guys! We’re hosting another DDN this month, on Friday 28th January 2022, from 8:15pm - 11:15pm US EST! We’ve made it slightly later so that us mods have a little more time after irl happenings to set up!

If you’re not sure what that time translates to in your time zone, you can use this time zone converter to check! You can use New York to check the time as it is in the right time zone.

We will have another theme for you to guess, which we have already chosen; but if there’s a particular one you’d like us to do in the future, please message one of us mods so we can add it to our list of DDN themes!

If you’re interested in the event, please let us know whether you’re going or not by responding to the event notice or commenting below!

We currently choose the times based on what works best for us, but if multiple people express interest, and would like to attend a DDN but are unable to, we are more than willing to adjust the times to suit you guys - just let one of us mods know so we can consider new times!

If you want to refresh your memory of what a DDN is, and what the rules are, please read this post; or if you want something to do while you’re waiting, you can take a look at last month’s prompts and have a go at those!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

PROMPTS FOR JANUARY DDN Kunai, Scroll, Rank, Payment, Travel, Medical Kit, Infiltration, Reconnaissance, Team, Reports

THEME: Mission


Hey everyone! DDN is still on!!!

Just happens that it looks like the forum reverted the DDN to Mod KakaIru Shrine’s timezone (the near opposite of mine!)

It’ll be from 8:30 to 11:30 pm USEST tonight! Looking forward to seeing y’all there! So @bells @kage @oneinist @mt_nikolle : I hope y’all are still able to make it!


And @Tanukibby if you’re interested!!!

:chruheartkiss: :joukashiheartkiss:

If I disappear, it’s because my body overroad my brain and put me to sleep. :chruzzz:


That’s fine! Sleep is important. I almost forgot about DDN this month b/c I’ve been so tired. We can all thank @oneinist for reminding me!


Also, here is the link page for the SFW Doodles and Drabbles!

And the one for NSFW Doodles and Drabbles!

And we’re off! Here we go with tonight’s DDN! As a reminder, please keep drabbles to 100 words and enjoy doddling!

First prompt: kunai
You have 15 minutes go!


5 minutes left on prompt 1!

@mt_nikolle : I like what you’ve done with the first prompt!

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Thanks. I had a hard time with it.

*Prompt 2: Scroll
15 minutes start now!

@kage : I love the domesticity in your scene too! It’s lovely!

Also reminder: if you guess tonight’s theme correctly (through DM please!) then you get a free drabble written by me for the prompt of your choice!

How many guesses do we get? XD

As many as you want until someone guesses right!

5 Minute warning on prompt 2!

Wait, we’re all done! Do y’all want to start Prompt 3 early? Or wait 4 minutes?

@kage I love the cozy vibes of your drabble!

@oneinist The charm hanging from that kunai is adorable!

Both of your scroll responses are awesome too!


Thank you!
:chruheartkiss: :joukashiheartkiss:

(I am in creative chaos good panic mode)

@kage : I love the way you’re writing Kakashi and Iruka! @mt_nikolle : yes, Kakashi being bad with technology is such a good headcanon!
@oneinist : I’m always in awe of how fast you can doodle!