DDN January 2022

Good chaos?

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@kaoruhana I really want to know what game Kakashi thinks they’re playing!

@kaoruhana I love how their banter here!
@mt_nikolle Oh bless Kakashi xD Use the mouse!! I can imagine him with some old man specs, doing battle mentally.
@oneinist LOVE the cute dolphin and eggplant on the sides :smiley: <3

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Absolutely XD

Prompt 3: Rank
You have 15 minutes! GO!

I have no clue, lol. I just pictured Iruka being annoyed at Kakashi for nominating Naruto for the chunnin exams and being extremely passive aggressive as a result. That’s what this scene is about.

@kage : I love it! I can imagine Iruka’s fake smile here, the one that promises a thorough scolding to the one who dares to not listen to him!

@mt_nikolle : such an interesting take on the prompt! I like it when people use different definitions of the same prompt!

@oneinist : who drew that guide I wonder? Naruto? Kakashi? Iruka?

Alright, five minute warning on Prompt 3!

@kage So funny! I’m imagining Sano-kun as one of Iruka’s former students who still instinctively shrinks in fear when his sensei gets that look in his eye.

@kaoruhana Also funny! Definitely not the answer, Kakashi. Enjoy the couch!

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I’m enjoying the alternate definitions that have come to mind for these last two!

This is such a fun part of the prompts!!! Just running with it!!

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Prompt 4: Payment

You have 15 minutes! GO!

@oneinist I’m impressed with how you an make Iruka look so cute and Sasuke so grouchy in so few lines!


Alright five minute warning!

@oneinist : how do you draw so good in less than 15 mins?
@mt_nikolle : I wonder what Kakashi did to get in trouble?

@kaoruhana Awww. Daily drudgery to heart melting in 100 words!

@oneinist So cute! Is it based on Naruto’s gama-chan wallet?

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Your guess is as good as mine…

Alright, Prompt 5: Travel

Last one before our fifteen minute break!

So far no correct guesses on the theme? Any takers want to dm me?

I can’t believe I just created an account to make a guess for this theme lol. How do I DM?


Alright folks: Theme for the night has been guessed correctly by @mt_nikolle ! Congrats, you get a drabble written for the prompt of your choice!

Please stay tuned for the reveal of the theme at the end of the DDN!