DDN January 2022

Hello and welcome to the Forum!

I’m so sorry! You’re just a few seconds late on guessing!

To DM, you simply click on the icon of the person you want to send a message to and then click the message button!

To be fair, I do try to limit guesses on the theme to those participating! BUT, if you’re still interested in getting a drabble, please head over to my tumblr and take a look at my drabble ask!

Oh, don’t worry. I am participating, was just doing so over on the KakaIru discord server as opposed the forum itself. I’ve got my writing in a google doc right now.


Yay! Please feel free to share your drabbles or doodles here too! I love to see that the DDN has become an event that so many folks are interested in! We get so much lovely art and drabbles out of them!

AH, I missed the five minute warning on this prompt: 3 minutes left on this one y’all!

@oneinist : Oh, Iruka looks so relaxed!

@mt_nikolle : OOH! I like the use of the prompt! It’s almost like we got two drabbles instead of one!

AND time’s up on this one! Time for our fifteen minute break!

If @EiennoSeizon guesses, they can take the prize!


Thank you, but that isn’t fair. You earned it fair and square. Congrats. :chruparty: :joukashiparty:

@oneinist I love the drawing! And I desperately wish I could have beaten my drabble into submission a little earlier because yours feels like Iruka’s perfect reward for his tough journey.


Yeeees it is :frog: :frog: :frog:

Looks like you had a good idea a ways before I did, based on the server timestamps - and creating an account to guess takes time!

The drawing are so cute @oneinist. I took a gander at them quickly.

Ok. cracks knuckles Let’s do this!

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Alright, we are back!

And here we go with Prompt 6 Medical kit.

You have 15 minutes!

I’m successfully hitting 100 words on the dot each time at least. It takes a bit of finagling once in a while, but I’m pretty proud of myself so far.


And here is your five minute warning!

And so you should be! I always have to cut, cut, cut to get things to 100. A few dabbles have required me to pull out my non-existing wrestling techniques, but it’s such s feeling of accomplishment when I get it!

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I’m glad that you’re able to do so! I’ve had lots of practice doing this for years now in the fandom we incorporated this idea from, so I’ve gotten good at it, lol. But, it is a challenge still sometimes. I like to think of it as 10 scenes in time.

If you’re really creative you can use all 10 to come up with a 1000 word story!

@mt_nikolle : Yes, to this! I bet Iruka always keeps it stocked now!

@oneinist : Oh, I like this depiction of Iruka!

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@kaoruhana Iruka is going to razz Kakashi so hard for that one!

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