DDN January 2022 SFW Drabbles and Doodles!

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Prompt 1: Kunai

Iruka scowled as he snubbed his toe yet again on the weapons that Kakashi sometimes left around the apartment. While normally meticulous, sometimes, especially after mission with a certain Team Seven, his partner tended to be a little less organized and careful.

“Damn,” he grumbled as he saw some bleed begin to seep from his big toe, “must have been a kunai.” He dragged himself to the bathroom, intent on cleaning it up when Kakashi stepped out into the hallway, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck.

“Sorry sensei,” he murmured sleepily. “I’ll clean up in the morning.”


Iruka pulled the kunai out of it’s hiding place. It always made him sad to look at this one and remember the day he acquired it.

Today was the anniversary of it’s acquisition.

“Be honest—with yourself, if no one else,” Iruka murmured. “If you hadn’t freaked out, he never would’ve run.”

He missed Kakashi desperately. If only he could have made him understand. Iruka never blamed Kakashi for reacting instinctively. He admired him for it—knew it had and would keep him alive.

For now, Iruka put it away. Maybe this would be the year his courage would outweigh his cowardice.


The slow slide of metal against the whetstone was a soothing rhythmic sound. It was the accompaniment to Iruka’s pen scratching as they sat in comfortable silence with the sleepy sounds of Greater Konoha filtering through the open window.
Kakashi set his kunai down, refilling their tea cups and turned the page of Tactics. Weaponry maintenance was important – ensuring the difference between life and death out there – but it was these quieter moments with Iruka that made the grind worthwhile.
“You’re staring again,” Iruka said not bothering to look up but pressing his foot against Kakashi’s.
“I can’t help it.”


#1 Kunai

1 Kunai


Prompt 2: Scroll

“Is this it?” Kakashi asked, looking up from the folded paper held in his hands.

Iruka raised a brow, nonplussed. “It lays out the mission parameters exactly as they are, jounin-san,” he said. “I fail to see what the issue is after so many of your other esteemed colleagues had no issues with the same sort of instructions.” He leaned closer. “Unless, of course, such a simple task is beneath you.”

Kakashi scowled and tightened his fist around the scroll. Two could play at this. Whatever he’d done to set Iruka’s attention on him would surely be forgotten soon enough.


When Iruka poked his head into the room, Kakashi was still sitting at the kotatsu. He’d been there for hours. Iruka wasn’t quite sure what he was trying to accomplish this evening, but it didn’t seem to be working.

Iruka wandered back to the kitchen to grab them each a drink.

Kakashi still didn’t appear to have moved when Iruka came back. He placed the mug beside his partner and came around to look at the laptop screen.

Oh. Iruka laughed.

“Kakashi, no matter how long you stare, the screen won’t scroll by itself! Use the mouse Shikamaru gave you!”


Naruto stared at the scroll that sat on the kotatsu like it was an already primed trap seal. Written underneath the binding were the characters for ‘Form 25-E: Adoption Agreement’.
“You don’t have to answer us right away,” Iruka said, fretting and laser focused on Naruto. “Take some time to think about it if you need.”
“But preferably before I die,” Kakashi drawled from behind Paradise.
“Kakashi!” Iruka whirled on his husband.
“What?” Kakashi’s eye flicked upwards. “Kind of hard to pass the name onto a son, if I don’t have one.”
“Sensei!!!” Naruto cried and reached for the scroll.


#2 Scroll

2 Scroll



“I outrank you, chuunin. Now just take the damned report!”

The poor kunoichi at the mission desk was new, shrinking under the glower of the mud-monster.

Iruka had been passing by from the Rokudaime’s office when he overheard the commotion.

“Sano-kun,” Iruka said with a warm smile on his face and fire in his veins. “Are you being impolite again?”

The mud-monster recoiled, shaking his head furiously. It was good to see that Iruka had struck the fear of Umino – now Umino-Hatake – into the hearts of jounin.

“N-Not at all, Umino-kouchousensei.”

Iruka beamed. “I’m glad to hear that. Now please redo the ‘damned report’.”


Prompt 3: Rank

“So,” Iruka began when his lover showed up at his apartment’s window, “mind telling me why a certain mission suddenly went from being one fit for a genin team to having S-Class criminals appear in the middle of one of the most hostile and criminally active countries on this Earth?

Kakashi paused, one foot poised to land on the floor, the other remaining on the windowsill. He recognized that tone. And it never spelled good news for him.

“Maa, sensei,” he tried, “at least no one got hurt?”

Judging by Iruka’s glare, perhaps that had not been the right answer.


Kakashi had just arrived home from a long mission and he was already desperate to leave again! He just wanted to rest. Sleep. Maybe cuddle, if he was lucky. Luck was not with him tonight.

He knew that Iruka meant well. He knew that Iruka loved him. But. He was now equally sure that spending so much time in a closed room with preteens had done something to Iruka’s sense of smell. There was no way that Iruka could possibly believe that anything that smelled so rank could possibly be edible.

To be supportive or honest? That is the question.


#3 Rank

3 Rank


Prompt 4: Payment

“Next,” Iruka stated, one hand held out for the next scroll, the other making notes on the inventory sheet in front of him.

He didn’t pay attention to who was giving it to him. Nor did he pay attention to what was drawn on the outside. Instead, he opened it, keen as always to be quick and efficient.

One thing he’d learned from years working at the desk was that unpaid ninjas equaled angry ninjas.

But, upon opening it, and seeing the writing, he relaxed when he recognized it. He looked up and smiled, seeing that Kakashi was finally home.


#4 Payment

4 Payment


“Payback time.”

The two muttered, barely audible words were all the warning Kakashi had to brace himself for whatever was coming his way.

Iruka was good, but when he and Naruto worked together they were impossible to evade. Kakashi had learned that it was the better part of valour to bow to his fate than to resist. On the few occasions he’d escaped their traps, they’d only regarded it as a challenge and upped their game. No, Kakashi would accept the payment for his “crimes.” If he played his cards right, maybe there would also be some sweet reconciliation… later.


#5 Travel

#5 Travel


The sun was brilliantly bright and the sky a vibrant blue. After so many days of heavy rain, it should’ve been the perfect day for travelling from Konoha to the small resort Iruka had picked to celebrate their first anniversary.

Nope. The sun had begun evaporating the moisture from the sodden ground early. Now that it was just past noon, the humidity and heat had combined into an oppressive weight designed to pull him to the ground and keep him there until nightfall and blessed coolness. Only the thought of seeing Kakashi after so many weeks kept him pressing forward.


Prompt 6: Medical Kit

Sakura glared at Kakashi. “You know,” she told him, as she got the medical kit open and fished through it for a syringe, “this’ll make a funny story to tell Iruka-sensei.”

“Please no,” Kakashi begged, eyes wide open despite the sweat beading on his temple. “He’ll never let me go out on a mission again.”

She scoffed as she quickly pushed the syringe into a bottle of an anti-allergy formula that most shinobi carried with him. Most, because Kakashi it seems didn’t.

As she pushed the needle into his arm, she grinned. “Nah, your husband will just laugh at you.”


Iruka was never so thankful for the medical kit gathering dust under the sink in his bathroom as he was the first night that Kakashi fell through his kitchen window after a mission gone bad. He’d been cautious and kept it fully stocked, but never really thought he’d use it—the few injuries he received at the academy were more easily treated there immediately. A quick glance at Kakashi was all it took to send him running.

Later, Kakashi commended Iruka for his calm that night.

Iruka just laughed. If it was slightly hysterical, who but him would know for sure?