Meta Monday: New Year's resolutions

Welcome to our first Meta Monday of the year! We have changed this activity a bit, as you can read in this post; but it’s back up & running for the foreseeable future, and we hope you enjoy it just the same!

To kick things off for the year, we want to know:

What kind of New Year’s resolutions did Kakashi & Iruka make?

Do they not believe in making New Year’s resolutions? Do they have a certain goal they want to achieve? Maybe there’s one thing they always make a resolution for but never accomplish?

What do you think they are? Tell us in the comments below!

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Neither are resolutions people in my mind. They are both disciplined and driven people who will make changes whenever they feel the need and set their minds to it and not wait for a particular time. Though if there is an eventual resolution, I’d say Kakashi trying out all the different onsens so he has the optimal romantic trip ready to go for whenever Iruka does retire, and Iruka is to train up Shino so he can retire after Himawari gets through the Academy (Yes, I am pretending majority of Boruto didn’t happened).


Those are interesting thoughts! And I love the idea of Kakashi using a thing like a New Year’s resolution to do something nice & relaxing, instead of making some kind of goal to improve himself, like people usually do XD

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