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Iruka yawned and stretched as he glanced out the window of the missions office.
“Still raining out there,” Kotetsu said, shaking his head. “It’s going to be a pain getting home tonight.”
“At least you’re nearly done,” Iruka sighed. “I’m here for a few more hours.”
“Maybe it’ll be done by then?”
Iruka sighed again. “Unlikely, I think we’re due for a good storm.”
Just then, the sky lit up as lightning struck, and both men shuddered.
“It’s heavier, really starting to pour down…mind if I duck out early?”
Iruka shook his head. “Nah, get home dry-ish while you can.”


“Good luck!” Kotetsu called out as he left Iruka in the office, alone.
The teacher sighed. “I’m going to need it.”
Though he was working that rainy Friday night, he wasn’t entirely unhappy about it - heavy rain would keep people home/indoors, so it should be a quiet night.
And it was, until he heard something clomping down the hallway about an hour later.
Clomping, and…squishing?
“I just don’t see why we’re wearing boots when it’s raining,” Iruka heard someone mutter. “What’s wrong with our sandals like we always do?”
Another voice sighed. “We’re just trying something new, that’s all.”


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“She’s the cause?” Ibiki clarified.

“As far as we can tell. She went to attack him with a blade, was retrained, and got loose enough to touch him with a toe. Then he dropped.”

“Let’s rule out anything in her boots.” Ibiki stated, then went to do exactly that.

Her boots were removed and disassembled, but no weapon or anything else unusual was found.

“It’s likely we’re up against a time limit, so who should try first?” was Aoba’s question.

The three specialists consulted.

Since Aoba had done some mental interrogation work before, he would be the first to try.


Iruka snorted at the exchange.
“Rain got under my mask,” the first voice sighed.
“Which one?” the second asked. “What? It’s a valid question.”
“Both,” the first grumbled. “Don’t you have a patrol here to do?”
“So do you,” the second commented. “You take this floor and the one below, I’ve got the two above.”
Iruka sat up at his desk, looking around to see if he had to clean anything before whoever was patrolling came by. Nothing amiss in the office, he realized.
Iruka frowned. There was nothing, that was the problem.
Where was the umbrella he had brought?


Umbrella special delivery


The squishing ended; Iruka shrugged. Sooner or later the sodden patrol would come by if they needed anything.
So, he was not entirely surprised when there was a firm knock on the door before it opened.
Raising an eyebrow, Iruka found an ANBU peering into the room.
The one known as Hound, he noted.
“Hello,” he greeted, nodding.
“Sensei,” the ANBU replied, peering around. “You’re still here? In this weather?”
Iruka shrugged. “Our work doesn’t change based on the weather.
“Weather, season, time of day,” the ANBU sighed. “What I wouldn’t give for a night off when it’s miserable though…”


This one was harder hope this counts it’s the season of flower fields ??


Iruka laughed. “Wouldn’t we all? At least we’re not outside.”
The ANBU sighed. “Not right now, but I didn’t have that luxury earlier.”
Iruka stifled a laugh when he saw the ANBU appeared to be soaked to the skin.
“You’re walking around like that?”
The ANBU shrugged. “I’m on patrol.”
“You’re on your way to getting sick. Go change and get a hot shower.”
“Not til I’m done…”
Iruka rolled his eyes and ran through hand seals to make a clone.
“I’ll send him out, and he’ll alert for trouble. But it’s a rainy Friday, I doubt anything will happen…”


Inspired by umbrella:

As frequently as Sakura needed to treat patients, it always gave her a start when it was someone that she knew. Even more so than usual this time—Iruka-sensei was safe, her childhood teacher couldn’t (shouldn’t) be lying, unconscious, on the examination table in front of her. Why did it need to be her?

Sakura was a shinobi through and through, so none of her inner distress showed. She was also thoroughly professional, so green chakra covered the hands placed over Iruka-sensei’s heart before she’d even finished thinking.

The problem was that neither chakra, nor machines showed anything wrong with him.


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The ANBU paused, shrugging. “Well…maybe. But let me find you help,” he said, vanishing before Iruka could argue.
Out in the hallway, Kakashi made his own clone, who looked at him, unimpressed.
“You’re wet.”
“Duh,” Kakashi sighed. “Go hang out with Iruka on patrol while I change.”
“Ooh, don’t have to tell me twice!” the clone cheered, taking off.
Kakashi sighed again as he jutsued to a staff area in the tower.
In the missions office, two Irukas looked wide-eyed at one Kakashi, who fluffed up his gray hair.
“Well hello,” he purred. “Who’s ready to spend Friday night together?”


Inspired by grey:

Sasuke wasn’t sure why he was here. Sakura was here. She was a decent medic. Shizune was here. She was a medic, too. What did he know about sick people?

He sighed. This was the problem with being a loyal Konoha nin: when the Hokage called, and he was in town and couldn’t ignore it, he answered.

That snake chick showed up, too. They must be pretty desperate—she wasn’t any more a medic than he was… and way less smart.

Then the old lady arrived—she wasn’t a medic? No… genjutsu. That was weird.

All this fuss over an academy teacher?


The shower drizzled to an end as Kakashi turned the water off, sighing as the warmth stayed with him.
“Stupid ANBU outside patrols,” he grumbled as he dressed.
He was toweling his hair when the door opened.
“What are you doing here?” Tenzou asked, removing his mask.
“Changing, drying off, wondering about calling out sick for the next few days.”
Tenzou rolled his eyes. “Shirking duty, more like. Your patrol?”
“I’m on it,” Kakashi said, checking his uniform in the mirror.
“Really? Because it looks like you’re here instead.”
“A version of me is patrolling. With Iruka,” Kakashi added.


Inspired by shower:

Anko almost broke down when she arrived at the examination room just off of Konoha Hospital’s emergency room. Iruka was practically her little brother!

“What’s going on here!” She demanded, looking straight at Shizune.

“Iruka-sensei collapsed at the festival. They said he was attacked? But the blade never touched him, the attacker’s foot did…?” Shizune passed along the information she’d been given. “We can’t find anything wrong with him.”

That traitor kid—what was he doing here?—perked up at that. Bastard.

Anko looked around the room. They were an ecclectic bunch.

“So…” she was guessing. “Poison, genjutsu, or bloodline limit?”


“Patrolling, with Iruka,” Kakashi repeated as he put his ANBU mask on. “How’s your night going?”
“Probably not as well as yours,” Tenzou muttered, replacing his own mask. “What gives?”
Kakashi shrugged. “Iruka told me to dry off seeing as I was leaving water everywhere I walked. Said he’d send a clone to keep an eye out. Claims a night like tonight won’t be anything crazy here.”
“Well, it’s him and me wandering the halls alone…so…”
“Him and a clone of you. ANBU clone?”
“No…” Kakashi admitted.
Tenzou laughed. “Good luck with that.”
“I trust my clone.”
“Do you?”


Two prompts!

Sakura crumpled to the floor.

“Sakura!” All the women in the room shouted her name.

Shizune took her hands off of Iruka and started pouring her chakra into Sakura instead. Sakura’s heart was racing! But her skin was growing cold!

Anko pointed at Sasuke. “You’re the most useless one here! Run to the Hokage and tell him that the enemy must be using a bloodline limit or poison! Sakura collapsed after contact with Iruka! No one should touch them!”

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but took off out the window. A pitcher of water tipped over and spilled on the ground.

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Come in the water is fine! I even have a floaty for you!


Kakashi trusted himself….but still quickly left, worried that his other half would deviate.
It was easy to find them, though Kakashi stayed hidden.
Iruka laughed at something and real-Kakashi smiled.
“Of all the nights,” Iruka said as they worked. “An ANBU just swoops in to rope you into more work?”
“It’s fine,” the clone replied. “What about you?”
“Oh! He…I…the ANBU needed some self-care, so I said I’d keep an eye out.”
“Bold of you to offer to cover for an ANBU.”
“Well, it seemed pretty dead here, in all fairness,” Iruka commented. “And he was a walking puddle.”


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