DDN APRIL 1 Doodles and Drabbles

Hello everyone! Please place your doodles and drabbles for April’s 1st DDN here!

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

“Are you going to sit and watch that all night?” Kakashi asked. He was getting concerned for his partner.

When he arrived home, Iruka was sitting in his favourite rocking chair watching a ball on the end of a spring bounce up and down. The only movement he’d made was occasionally reaching his hand out to pull and release the ball whenever its motion slowed down.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bou—

Tired of being ignored, Kakashi grabbed the ball and stopped its motion.

Iruka still didn’t look at Kakashi. He simply held out his hand and waited.


Kakashi swallows his hesitancy as he steps down the slope and sits beside Iruka, who startles when he sees someone suddenly beside him, but smiles when he realizes that it’s Kakashi. He smiles back, and says, “Do you mind if I sit with you?”

Iruka grins, “You never need to ask.”

Their hands clasp together on the grass between them, and the crisp spring breeze flies through Iruka’s hair and carries the scent of his shampoo to Kakashi. Blatantly, he stares.

“You’re made for springtime,” Kakashi murmurs.

Iruka’s smile is more radiant than the sun. “I love you, too, sweetheart.”


Crocuses, that’s what Kakashi thought when he regained consciousness. The crocuses are out.
He said as much to Iruka when the other man pulled him up and checked him for injuries worse than his rather intense concussion.
“Yes, it’s spring but can you tell me the month?”
“Is that a guess?” Iruka pulled away and raised an eyebrow at him.
“Okay now who is Hokage?”
Kakashi looked up and groaned, “Me.”
“Not yet, but close enough. Though I’m debating their choice now considering you just fell out of a tree.”
“Go on a date with me.”


“A date?”
“Yes.” Kakashi felt himself starting to sweat under Iruka’s unwavering, and disbelieving gaze. When Iruka put his hand back to Kakashi’s head, Kakashi finally regained enough of himself to pull out of Iruka’s arms.
“You must’ve hit your head harder than I thought.” Iruka frowned
“I’m serious. Let’s go get Ramen right now. Or sushi. Or something.”
“It’s practically dark out.”
“Dango then. Let’s go get dango.”
“Do you even eat dango?”
Iruka huffed and stood up dusting off his pants before holding his hand out for Kakashi.
“Is this a yes?” Kakashi asked as he stood.


The street before Iruka was full of lights, sounds, and smells. He could taste the dango on the breeze as he entered the area of Konoha set aside for the festival. It looked like the place was jam-packed with every Konohan! Logically, he knew it wasn’t true—some were on missions or guard duty, and he knew a handful of civilian and shinobi families who avoided the crowds on general principles!

None of this knowledge, however, helped him to find Kakashi. Despite his general reputation, Kakashi was rarely late when they made plans to meet. This time, it was all Iruka.


The first piece slips past his lips and Kakashi watches it disappear. Iruka happily chews the treat. He asks, “Want one?”

Kakashi chuckles, saying, “You’re enjoying it enough for the both of us.” He offers the skewer again and Iruka takes the second piece delicately between his teeth, then closes his lips around it and slides it off the skewer.

Kakashi’s mouth goes dry, hearing Iruka’s sweet moan.

Iruka dives down after the last piece of dango, keeping his eyes on Kakashi’s face this time.

Dango isn’t that bad… but only when combined with the much better taste of Iruka.


“I’m not accepting an offer for a date by someone who was just unconscious. For all I know your head could be bleeding and there could be pressure on your brain. We’re going to the hospital.” Iruka kept hold of Kakashi’s hand and pulled him toward the hospital.

“Nooo.” Kakashi dug his heels in as Iruka pulled.

“Are you whining? Seriously? You’re a grown man!”

“Only if you agree to go on a date with me.”

“Are you for real right now?”

“Say it.”

Iruka’s face flushed pink as someone whistled at them as they walked by.

“You. Are. Concussed.”


Prompt; Dango

Kakashi picked up a stick of dango, the sweet treat colored in the pale pastel shades that he came to associate with the season. Petals fluttered around him and Iruka, and he leaned forward pulling a few out of Iruka’s hair.

His partner blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind one ear, looking away from him.
“You like them?” Iruka asked biting his lip carefully.

Truthfully, they were too chewy to be proper dango, and the pink one had no sugar, but Kakashi smiled and took a large bit anyway.

“Yes,” he assured Iruka as he chewed, “they’re great.”


His student had come to him after class in tears, and he couldn’t refuse help to any child who wanted to learn.

“Why do the strokes have to go in that order to make the characters? Why can’t they be in any order? It’s the same shape!” The pink-haired boy blurted, frustrated.

Sakura’s youngest wanted to overturn the writing system.

Iruka paused for a moment, contemplating his answer.

“In some ways, it doesn’t matter, but a good shinobi needs to control their muscles. Making our kanji properly helps us learn to do that, so it’s easier to handle kunai later.”


Prompt 3: Pink

Gee, I wonder who the culprit is…

DDN pink


“What if I wasn’t?”

“Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” Iruka rolled his eyes and tried to drop Kakashi’s hand, but Kakashi held on.

“Okay, I’m not.”

“I saw you fall out of the tree. You hit no less than three branches.” Iruka waved his free hand in emphasis, “You just told me it was March. It’s April.

Kakashi shrugged, “Time is relative.”

“It’s really not.” Iruka’s eyebrows pinched together in concern. When Kakashi just stood there holding Iruka’s hand still Iruka sighed.

“Fine. If I agree to get dango, or something after, will you go to the hospital?”


Prompt: Pink

Kakashi grimaced at the apron Iruka held out.

“It’s… pink,” he managed out.

“It’s fuschia actually,” Iruka corrected as he held it out. “Come on, try it on, I need to see how it looks.”

Kakashi hesitated, but Iruka’s glare finally made him relent, and he grabbed the pink apron.

“Why am I wearing this again?” He asked tying the strings around his waist.

“It’s Sakura’s birthday soon remember?” Iruka explained as he walked back towards the living room to bring a toddler into the kitchen. “And you’re the one who promised Sarada you’d help her bake her mom a cake.”


Iruka climbs back into bed, book and tea close at hand, and strokes his hand through Kakashi’s hair where it lays on the pillow by his hip. Still drowsy, so sweet and precious like this, Kakashi flings his arm over Iruka’s lap and sighs happily as he nuzzles Iruka’s thigh.

Outside, the rain sings against the windows. The rainy season is Iruka’s favorite time of year, giving him plenty of excuses to curl up in bed with his spouse, a book, and some tea.

“It’s raining again?” Kakashi murmurs.


“Can you read to me?”

Iruka smiles. “Of course, love.”




Iruka had gladly spent the time helping Sakimaru, especially since it resulted in renewed determination to master his kanji!

But where was Kakashi?!

Instead of continuing to wait, Iruka entered the fray of celebrating people.


Iruka winced. He did not want to interact with parents today.

“Iruka-sensei~!” Shigatsu called all the louder.

If Iruka could make it past the dango vendor, he could legitimately pretend that he hadn’t heard her.


He realized that he wasn’t going to make it without making it obvious he was avoiding her. He pasted a smile on his face and slowly turned around.


“Sure,” Kakashi smiled with his eyes, and Iruka rolled his. Iruka turned to walk again and again Kakashi refused to walk.
“Kakashi.” Iruka used his no nonsense teacher voice.
“Sorry. I just,” Kakashi rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, “I really don’t like the hospital. And it honestly isn’t that bad,”
“Kakashi one of the first lessons I try to teach my students is that when they are hurt, they need to say they’re hurt. The dumbest way to die as a shinobi is by trying to act tough.”
“That’s true but,”
“But what?”
“I’ve had worse?”
Iruka groaned.


April Prompt

Kakashi limped past Izumo and Kotetsu, shooing Izumo away when he offered help, and hobbled down the streets of Konoha. The Hokage could wait, the hospital could wait. Everything and everyone could wait.

Because it was April, which meant he’d been gone all March. It meant that he’d missed White Day and Iruka’s birthday.

He made it to the school just in time for the kids to leave for home. Parents gasped, pointing, but he ignored them as he found Iruka.

“I’m not too late, I hope?” He asked, holding a single white rose out.

Iruka smiled. “No, you’re not.”




“Good evening, Shigatsu-san, how are you?” Iruka responded politely, though he felt anything but.

“Wonderful~!” She replied, then pushed on. “Gogatsu-chan saw Sakimaru-kun leaving the academy late today~! Everything alright~?”

All became clear. She was digging for dirt on Sakura’s family.

“Everything is just fine.” He knew his smile was tight, but Shigatsu was too focused on envy of Sakura’s position to see clearly. How to phrase this to disarm her without making more work for himself or making life more difficult for Sakura and Kiba’s children…?

“I’m glad to hear that Gogatsu-chan is growing more observant of her surroundings!”