Fanfic Pieces? In between April's DDNs

Continued from drabbles from April’s first DDN:

He pointed to several of the nearby shinobi one by one as he barked, “Fetch Shizune, Sakura, Kurenai, and Sasuke to the hospital!” Each leapt off in a different direction.

Kakashi wasn’t sure if it was poison, genjutsu, or something else entirely, but, one way or another, they would find out.

The woman in his arms had the slightest smirk on her face. Kakashi wished he could afford the time it would take to knock her out. He wondered if he could needle her into revealing anything useful. Probably not.

Iruka had to be fine.

Any other outcome was unimaginable.


They had to find out everything as quickly as possible.

“You! Fetch Ibiki!” He barked again, and a sixth shinobi departed.

Kakashi pointed at the seventh and eighth shinobi, “Fetch Aoba and any senior Yamanaka.”

A nearby merchant caught on quicker than anyone else in the crowd and waved her hand to draw Kakashi’s attention, “You can use my place, Hokage-sama.”

Kakashi nodded his acknowledgement.

He nodded his head at the last two shinobi present. One moved to open the crowd in the merchant’s direction, the other came to help him move the woman so she wouldn’t escape during transit.


Ibiki arrived moments after they’d secured the woman in the merchant’s basement. “The shinobi you sent gave me an overview. I sent her to find and direct Anko to the hospital as well.”

Aoba and Yamanaka Santa arrived while Ibiki spoke. Kakashi quickly briefed them in full Hokage mode, so his inner turmoil was present in neither mind nor voice.

“When I arrived home exactly seven days ago, Iruka was completely focused on a red ball on a spring and unresponsive to everything else. I put him to bed, and he slept, but he’s been noticeably forgetful and agitated since.”