Village Affiliations: Choose Where Your Loyalties Lie!

The Great Five Nations are currently recruiting; and thanks to our amazing mod @oneinist, you can now decide which nation you would like to join!

Do you feel like you belong as a Leaf shinobi :hiddenleaf:? Are you part of the Sand :hiddensand:? Supporters of the Mist :hiddenmist:? Resonating with the Cloud :hiddencloud:? Or perhaps allied to Stone :hiddenstone:?

Let us know down below where your loyalties lie - there might be another Great Shinobi War coming, and your village is going to need you!

Mod Tip :bulb:: If you would like to have your village status next to your name, but don’t know how to make a title, this How-To guide will tell you everything you need to know!

  • Hidden Leaf
  • Hidden Sand
  • Hidden Mist
  • Hidden Cloud
  • Hidden Stone

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