Meta Monday: Stealing the Others Clothes

Now, there has been a Meta Monday on clothes done before: Wearing Each other’s Clothes. . However, that topic is different from this one.

Who steals clothes is very different from who is wearing whose clothes. Imagine Kakashi reaching for clothing to pack on missions and suddenly finding himself one shirt short. Or Iruka wondering where his comfortable tee-shirt, the one with so many tears and spills has disappeared to.

I imagine they each steal each others clothing but for different reasons. Iruka finds Kakashi’s shirts comfortable and snug: nice and warm and comfy on days that he just wants to feel comfortable. Kakashi on the other steals that shirt of Iruka’s to take with him on missions: he keeps it in his pack as a reminder that he’s got someone special to go home to .

What are your thoughts? Who steals the other clothing? Both, one?


I love this! In the beginning of the relationship, when they’re living apart, I can picture both of them breaking into each other’s homes to steal clothes, or snagging them from the clothesline or laundromat.

I can definitely imagine Kakashi summoning his ninken to help him steal clothes, too - sometimes they break in because Iruka’s wards don’t stop animals, or they just go knocking on the door and find an excuse to go inside; and when Iruka is distracted, one of them will slip away to grab what Kakashi asked for.

However, what Kakashi (and Iruka) doesn’t know, is that the ninken love Iruka so much that they want something of his for themselves, too; so whenever Kakashi asks them to steal for him, they take something for themselves, too :joy: And now they have a huge secret stash of both Kakashi’s and Iruka’s clothes that they cuddle up to & sometimes fight over and play tug of war with XD


Hmmm… I feel like kakashi would steal Irukas cloths just to be annoying and have an excuse to talk to him. Like pre-relationship!!! Like they are at the ninja laundry mat and kakashi just so happens to “find” Irukas shirt in his laundry the next day and invites himself over to return it and also while he’s there may as well get lunch or dinner or stay forever. Haha


Oooh, for sure Kakashi does this, with his enhanced sense of smell, it only makes sense that he loves how Iruka smells and has a piece of clothing sealed in a scroll for quick access :heart_eyes:

@kakairu-shrine I love how you added the ninken to this as well! Of course, they would!! I can see them in a wonderful pile of clothes now! :dog2: :dog:

@Mandapandabug Omg yes, Kakashi would so do this - I love how quickly the pre-relationship setting turned to stay forever :rofl: A possible addition: Kakashi might even drop a mask very calculated for Iruka to just happen to find and make Iruka give it back to him!!! :thinking: Said mask conveniently having a name tag saying “Hatake” - even though Kakashi never puts name tags on his clothes (which Iruka figures out when they start living together). Or Iruka never returns the mask in the first place and secretly wears it :rofl: causing Kakashi to have to snag something from Iruka!


I love this idea of the Ninken stealing Kakashi and Iruka’s clothing. It’s so cute and funny! I can imagine it now. Iruka walks in one day on Pakkun trying to fit one of his old vests on Shiba, and he just doesn’t know what to do about it. I kind of want to write a scene like that now. Or a drabble or something.


Ooh! Yes! Kakashi would definitely do this. He’d start doing this quite often, but just randomly enough that Iruka isn’t sure if there is a recurring pattern. All the other shinobi would know what he was doing though! I can totally see this happening and think it would be a great premise for a “Meet-cute” kind of fic!


That’s right! He does have an enhanced sense of smell doesn’t he? I could see the two of them doing this actually. Iruka cuddling into Kakashi’s old shirts and reminding himself of his partner, Kakashi clutching Iruka’s clothing near him as a memento on missons. This is such a unique idea!


Ohh…oooOOOOOoooohhhh…the possibilities!!!

@kakairu-shrine The Nin-ken TOTALLY are double agents. They steal stuff from Iruka for Kakashi and Iruka bribes them into sneaking socks and masks and boxers from Kakashi and they definitely, 100%, keep every other item to themselves. And if they lie to both Iruka and Kakashi about having to abandon the mission for now - is no ones business.

@Mandapandabug Stay forever I like :rofl: :rofl: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: But yes! Kakashi is sly like that! He would use his child prodigy super mega jounin copy nin skills to steal Irukas clothes. And lets be honest here - even IF Iruka would notice, he would not tell :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@kaoruhana I soooooooooooooo breath for Kakashi taking any item of Iruka on missions as a reminder what he is doing all this for. And why he needs to make it home. Makes me cry like a baby :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Buuuuut! Hear me out! I think Iruka would be the culprit in this. Hes the supposedly rehabilitated prankster. He would know when Kakashi comes back from a mission because Kakashi hands his mission reports to Iruka exclusively. So yeah, Iruka knows
And casually has the same shedule at the laundy mat as Kakashi - such a nice coincident :grinning:
He pockets a mask here and a towel there and when he feels especially frisky - a shirt gasps
In the mission room, Iruka is all business and has no reluctance to voice his disconent over a badly written report. But he just cant bring himself to asking Kakashi out so he is stuck with daydreams and stealing clothes.
And everything is going fine until Iruka accidentally goes out in public in one of Kakashis stolen t-shirts. He doesnt even notice it.
But Kakashi does :smirk: :smirk:


Omg I love that Iruka forgets where he got the shirt and wears it and kakashi is like :eyes::eyes: hahahahahah this is a great story idea.


I love all your ideas! And the concept of reformed prankster Iruka stealing the clothes is such a great one! I especially love the idea of Iruka forgetting and wearing Kakashi’s shirt one day! I agree with @Mandapandabug : great fic idea!