Meta Monday: Wearing Each Other's Clothes

Who wears the other’s clothes?

I think Kakashi & Iruka both wear each other’s clothes, but for different reasons. Kakashi wears Iruka’s clothes because he tends to just grab the first thing he sees when he’s getting dressed, and if it happens to be Iruka’s uniform, or something else of his, then so be it; and when he later finds out that it’s not his own (because Iruka can tell the difference between their clothes very easily and will let him know) he is always very pleasantly surprised. Even if he doesn’t necessarily go out of his way to wear Iruka’s clothes, he loves being in them.

As for Iruka, he wears Kakashi’s clothes on purpose. He loves being able to smell Kakashi wherever he is, especially when he is away on a mission, because that small hint of his presence makes him feel safe and comforted. That, and his clothes always feel a lot softer and more comfortable than his own – especially his uniform, with all its extra wear; so he’ll go for them any chance he can get.

When Kakashi & Iruka first moved in together, they each had their own separate drawers & hanging space for their clothes; but now the majority of their clothes are mixed together… And they wouldn’t have it any other way :heart:

What do you think?

okay i am absolutely fond of iruka stealing kakashi’s long sleeved uniform blues so that kakashi has to wear his anbu tank tops, and i blame prinzik / gutsnstuff for this.

i do think that kakashi isn’t opposed to a bit of stealing himself, especially if its comfy stay at home clothes. like fluffy pyjamas. those things feel like a luxury.

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I honestly don’t blame Iruka - Kakashi does look good in his tanks :heart_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Oh, yes, Kakashi would definitely steal all the comfy stuff! It’d be a nice, welcome change after wearing his uniform all the time, which isn’t made from the nicest material!