Meta Monday: Mundane Things

Hey, all! We hope you’ve had a great month! I’m a bit late, but it’s that time of week again, where we do a Meta Monday or Naruto Poll; and this time, we’re getting Meta!

Our last one was about Kakashi & Iruka’s favourite flowers; and in the time that has passed since then, we also opened a new Naruto poll about who likes The Sims!

But now it’s Kakashi & Iruka discussion time; and this week, we want to know:

What mundane things are Kakashi & Iruka passionate about?

Is Iruka an expert in chalk, and could go on and on about the pros & cons of all the brands and types he’s tried? Does Kakashi drag Iruka to store after store as he searches for the perfect pair of chopsticks, or to find a replacement for an old pot or pan? Perhaps the two of them get into arguments about which cleaning solution or type of sponge works better?

Or maybe they don’t care about that at all; and anything/anything decent will do?

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Kakashi has dizzyingly in-depth knowledge of kitchenware. He doesn’t necessarily have a professional kitchen, but every single ustensil he owns was carefully selected from a detailed and comparative list of pros and cons. His kitchen knives are sharper than his shuriken.

Iruka has the hard-earned knowledge of the best, most fluid brands of pens that all desk workers who spend their lives writing by hand develop.

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