Meta Monday: Favourite Flower

Hey, all! We hope you’ve had a great month! It’s that time of week again, where we do a Meta Monday or Naruto Poll; and this time, we’re getting Meta!

Our last one was about who makes the cheesiest jokes; and in the time that has passed since then, we also opened a new Naruto poll about who eats takeaway more than they cook!

But now it’s Kakashi & Iruka discussion time; and this week, we want to know:

What are Kakashi & Iruka’s favourite flowers?

Does Kakashi like roses, for the romantacism that comes with them, of stuff he’s read about in all his Icha-Icha books, or does he like the pop of colour that tulips bring, that remind him of the good in the world? Does Iruka love sunflowers and the way they seem to smile at him, or is he fond of wildflowers, and the memories they bring of making and wearing flower crowns?

Or perhaps do neither of them have a favourite flower, and just like flowers in general, instead?

Tell us in the comments below!

Kakashi definitely seems the type to enjoy white orchids. That, or red lilies. Outside of any deeper meaning, red lilies are bold and elegant while white orchids are delicate and round, a duality I can see in his character. White orchids would probably be something he’d put at Rin’s gravestone.

Iruka comes off to me as someone who enjoys light fragrance, like gardenias. That would mesh well with the mimosa flower. There’s something about these two blooms that make me think of his character…

I think I’m mainly basing my opinions on how they’d look next to these flowers, ahhhh, but I bet there’s a whole world of symbolism they would fit into nicely as well!

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I don’t know if I know which flowers they’d like, but I associate lily of the valley with Iruka (a return to joy, humility, sweetness, and is considered the birth flower for May). With Kakashi I somehow thinks lavender (purity, silence, devotion, loyalty and tranquility).

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