Meta Monday: Cheesiest Jokes

Hey, all! We hope you’ve had a great month! It’s that time of week again, where we do a Meta Monday or Naruto Poll; and this time, we’re getting Meta!

Our last one was about who starting crushing on the other first; and in the time that has passed since then, we also opened a new Naruto poll about who has a creative mind!

But now it’s Kakashi & Iruka discussion time; and this week, we want to know:

Who makes the cheesiest jokes?

Is Kakashi a fan of dad jokes and silly things like that, or does Iruka love a play on words and throw puns out there all the time? Does Kakashi grab a dictionary to find words specifically so he can challenge him, and make better puns?

Or do they both groan at any attempt to make the other laugh or grin with the cheesiest, dumbest jokes out there?

Tell us in the comments below!

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Iruka definitely seems to be the type to make cheesy jokes, given that he’s around kids 24/7, and that’s not even mentioning his “prankster” past. Kakashi secretly adores them because of course he would, he reads “Make-Out Tactics”. Kakashi, on the other hand, would probably do a lot of innuendos that drive Iruka crazy (in more ways than one) :slight_smile:

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Those are some great thoughts! I bet Kakashi gets his innuendos from Icha-Icha lmao Or at least most of them. And he & Iruka have a game where Iruka tries to guess whether Kakashi got it from the series or not; because surely something that bad has to come from his books, and not Kakashi’s genius mind… right? XD

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