March 2023 SFW Doodles and Drabbles

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Prompt 1 — Pétalas

As pétalas de cerejeira cobriam o caminho que o levava até o homem que amava e que estava o esperando com um sorriso. Era o que esperava, porque aquela bendita máscara estava lá, o escondendo. Não era como se não pudesse ver, o conhecia muito bem para ler suas expressões mesmo cobertas.

Iruka parou diante de Kakashi, as mão tremiam um pouco, era um sonho se tornando realidade.

Para o Hatake, o Umino parecia um anjo naquele momento. Escolher casar na primavera foi a melhor escolha. A chuva de pétalas da grande cerejeira o deixavam ainda mais etéreo, mais belo.


Prompt: Petals

It was a grim kind of spring day. Spring only by virtue of the date, not by warmth or shining sun. The wind had been slicing through him like knives and pulled his hair out of its ponytail so often that he gave up on fixing it long ago—resigned to the birds’ nest atop his head. Kakashi would be both delighted and dismayed to help him sort it out later. Where he should have been planning an anniversary picnic beneath a sky of pink petals, he was instead staring out frost-covered windows.

“Guess I’ll need to plan a night in…”


Prompt 2 — Amigos

Eles eram amigos, melhores amigos, inseparáveis, daqueles que contavam todos seus segredos. Aqueles que precisava manter por perto poque sabiam demais.

Não deveria ter sido surpresa quando Kakashi se viu apaixonado por Iruka, mas tinha medo de se declarar a acabar com a amizade.

Piorou quando Obito e Rin disseram que Iruka estava apaixonado.

Então, Kakashi se afastou e evitava o melhor amigo, até ser surpreendido por um Iruka furioso.

“O que eu te fiz, idiota? Por que está me evitando?”

“Você está apaixonado.”, havia tristeza ali e Iruka apenas riu.

“Sim, estou. Por você, idiota!”, declarou antes de beijá-lo.


The sound of laughter followed the man down the hall. As much as he loved all of their friends, he could only handle so much socialising before he needed to retreat to either reset or recharge his social battery, depending on how long the gathering was expected to last. He was so, so grateful for his wonderful partner who covered for him without question—or excused him when he recognized the signs that he was losing focus and needed to duck out for a little while. He slipped through their bedroom door onto a comfortable oversized chair and opened his book.


Prompt 2
“And then he got up close to him, poked his chest, and said, ‘if you turn in one more horrible report, so help me,’ and HE said, ‘maa, sensei, if you want to get that close to me, at least buy me dinner first’!
“And then IRUKA said,” Kotetsu tried to catch his breath from laughing. “He said, ‘FINE. 8 o’clock?’ I felt Kakashi’s jaw hit the floor. It was priceless!”
Iruka and Kakashi sighed quietly from the other end of the table as laughter erupted around them. Friends. You loved them, but also you sometimes had to endure them.


Prompt 3
Iruka carefully placed the freshly laundered blue sheet on the bed and tucked in the corners, smoothing out all the creases. Just as he turned to replace the pillows, a gust of air blew past him. Before he could blink, the bed was occupied by a grinning Copy-Nin, who had spread his long arms from side to side looking expectantly at Iruka.
Iruka put his hands on his hips, scowling. “You couldn’t even wait until I’d finished making the bed before messing it up again?”
Kakashi winked. “What’s the fun in that? I’ve been waiting to cuddle you all day.”


When Iruka arrived at the Hokage’s office at the beginning of lunch, Shikamaru looked at him with a mixture of relief and exasperation. Iruka didn’t even try to hide his smirk as memories of Shikamaru putting that look on his face rolled through his mind.

“Iruka-sensei, please!”

“What’s he up to today?” Iruka asked.

“You have to talk some sense into him! Representatives from Mizu are due this afternoon!”

Iruka raised his eyebrows.

Shikamaru sighed, “Better to see for yourself,” and waved toward the door for Iruka to enter.

He was greeted by blue sheets hanging from every possible surface.


Prompt 4

Kakashi hummed happily as he unpacked the items from the picnic basket. It had been ages since Iruka, and he had been able to do something just for themselves now that he was Rokudaime and Iruka Headmaster. Preparations complete, he walked to the riverbank to retrieve his husband, who stared into the water contemplative.

Iruka smiled as Kakashi approached. “I’m glad we’re here. It reminds me of everything we’ve gone through, and how, despite everything, we’re still here together.”

Kakashi returned the smile and slipped his hand into Iruka’s. “I wouldn’t have wanted things to turn out any other way.”


Prompt 4 — Piquenique

“Toalha? Cesta? Petiscos? Bebidas?”

“Tudo aqui, papai!”

O clima estava favorável, tinha uma folga nas funções como Rokudaime, suas papeladas estavam em dia, faltava apenas uma coisa para tudo ficar perfeito. A companhia. No caso, mais uma.

Carregando a cesta pelas ruas de Konoha, atraia atenção, pelo fato de ser o Hokage e estar acompanhado da filha, Keiko.

Chegou na Academia e seguiu até a sala do Diretor, que rapidamente permitiu a entrada dos visitantes.

“Papa! Viemos te sequestrar”, declarou a garotinha empolgada.

Iruka olhou para os dois desconfiados, até ver o que Kakashi trazia.

“Aceito ser sequestrado”, concordou Iruka.


Could be a continuation of Petals…

A checked blanket covered their futon.

The smell of homemade baking and takeout filled the air.

The sounds of birdsong drifted through the air from the stereo.

Candles provided a light floral scent and some romantic lighting.

The other part of the lighting came from the sheet attached to the four corners of the room and casting everything in a pale pink tone.

There should be just enough time—

“I’m home!”

Well nevermind that then. Just when Iruka was counting on Kakashi to be late…

Iruka shrugged. Kakashi could help pack up the basket.

“Welcome home!” Iruka called. “Happy Anniversary!”


Prompt 5

“Sempai, sensei, this is so undignified!”

“Don’t get your roots in a twist, tree boy. It’s only a little fun.”

Tenzo’s eyes widened. “Tree boy!?”

Iruka chuckled into his hand.

“Look, all we’re asking is that you help us play a mostly harmless prank on a jonin that needs to learn to respect chunin better. All you have to do is catch him when he leaves the mission room. A couple hours wrapped in tree branches would be good for him, honest!”

Tenzo scowled. “While you boobytrap his apartment in glitter.”

Iruka beamed, a dangerous twinkle in his eye.



Prompt 5 — Árvore

Hound saltava pelos galhos com precisão, apesar do esgotamento daquela longa missão, dos machucados e do baixo nível de chackra, só queria chegar em casa.
Aquele local, aquelas árvores, tudo era familiar, não apenas por pertencer a Konoha, mas por o levar a um local que lhe trazia boas memórias.
Pousou sobre um galho do que parecia ser a maior árvore dali, segundos depois seus pés tocaram o chão. As mãos tatearam o tronco em busca de uma marcação feita há muito tempo.
Sorriu ao vê-la, não ainda ali, mas por terem sido renovadas.
K x I
“Estou voltando, golfinho”.


I made iruka too leetle here whoops


Trees! But more like just the one giant one


Prompt 6 — Sakura

Kakashi nunca contaria a ninguém porque a sakura era sua flor favorita, porque fez questão de se casar na primavera, quando elas estavam floridas. Ninguém precisaria saber.

Ninguém precisa saber que, no fundo da sua alma, antes do marido entrar em sua vida, que ele se sentia como a velha lenda. Ele era sozinho, ninguém se aproximava, tudo ao seu redor era seco e sem vida, até a chegada de Iruka.

Ele não era uma fada, talvez um anjo, mas lhe mostrou que era mais que uma arma, mais que uma ferramente e que merecia amor.

E Kakashi aceitou. Floresceu.


Prompt 6

Sakura hands Iruka an envelope.

“what’s this, Sakura-chan?”

“Kakashi-sensei told me to deliver it to you. So, there you go. Bye!” The girl rushed out the door.

Confused, Iruka opened the envelope to reveal a note in Kakashi’s horrible scrawl.

Roses are Red

Sakura’s hair is pink

We should go out

What do you think?

A small henohenomoheji beside a cartoon heart adorned the corner.

Grinning, Iruka penned a reply and sent it back to the Copy-Nin with Naruto.

Sakura’s hair is pink

And so is a rose

I’ll go out with you

As long as you stick to prose



Iruka was paralyzed, Iocked in place by an unending loop of "I should’’ and “I shouldn’t.” The other shoppers, familiar with stories of Iruka’s kitchen adventures, were kind enough to ignore his mutters.

“What would I even do with them…?” he finally questioned before he turned away.

“Iruka-sensei?” a woman’s voice broke through his thoughts. He turned to see one of his former students, all grown up. “I have a recipe… if you want to try them…?”

Iruka graced her with a brilliant smile.

“That would be wonderful! Thank you!”

And placed the jar of salted sakura in his basket.


Sai looked up from his reading. “It says here that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. How is that possible? They aren’t even that close to each other.”

Kakashi considered the saying silently. It couldn’t hurt to try…

Iruka stared down at the gourmet obento on his classroom desk. The vegetables were cut into hearts and the onigri looked like puppies. Clearly someone went to a lot of trouble to capture his attention.

He heard a rustle from outside his window and grinned. “Good food is better when shared, Kakashi. Join me?”

Jackpot, Kakashi thought happily.