KakaIru Maze Challenge 2021 Theme Reveal!


Hey there! It is time for us to finally announce the theme of the KakaIru Maze Challenge 2021! And that is…

Into the Ancient World!

Whether you think of Indiana Jones, treasure hunting, and archaeology, or mythologies, and ancient practices & cultures, there’s all kinds of ways to interpret the Ancient World theme; and we would like to hear about what it means to you.

What kind of things come to mind when you think of the ancient world? What excites you about it? Is there a particular ancient belief you would love to see explored in an amazing fic, or captured in gorgeous art?

If your mind is overflowing with ideas, or even if you just have one or two that work with the theme, please go to our form to submit your prompt suggestions!

The last day to submit suggestions will be 31st May; and on 1st June, sign ups will open!

Beneath this, you can also read the first part of A Konoha Tale, a little story that will continue throughout the event, about Kakashi & Iruka’s journey in the maze!

If you have any questions, please contact us! Mod @kakairu-shrine is the one running the event, so it is best to go directly to her.

If you would like to be reminded of the rules & guidelines, please take a look at the event’s first post!

We can’t wait to see your ideas!

A Konoha Tale: PART I

Deep within the Forest of Death lies the entrance to a network of catacombs that haven’t been touched for centuries. No one knows exactly what’s in there, but legend passed down through generations says that the real reason the training ground is sealed off isn’t because of what’s in the forest, but what lies beneath it… Because those who have gone down below have never come back up again. It is the gate to the afterlife.

Many people assume it’s just folklore, or that there was once enemy shinobi hidden in the catacombs, carefully picking people off; but the Elders know it’s something more, that a God or Goddess is possibly living beneath them. Why else did the village prosper when human sacrifices were sent down every year, before the forest was closed off? There has to be a deity below.

Lately, the shinobi that have been on patrol around the Forest of Death have been wondering if there’s truth to that. They have been witnessing strange activity on their shifts, and a few people have even gone missing. Search parties have been sent out, and investigations have taken place; and the last traces of of those who have disappeared all lead to the mysterious catacombs.

Tsunade, who only has a limited number of shinobi at her disposal now, decides to send Kakashi and Iruka to finally see what’s inside the catacombs, hoping that they can solve the case before she has to call on other nations for help.

Are missing nin living there? Is there really a God or Goddess below the forest, taking her shinobi as sacrifices? Or is Orochimaru concocting some kind of sinister experiment…?

Only time will tell, now.


Omg I just submitted a lot of prompts! :joy: Sorry! I’m stoked.

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I thought that was you!! As soon as I saw the new suggestions, for some reason, I immediately thought “I bet this is manda!” :joy: idk why I thought it was you, but it’s pretty funny finding out I was right XD
Thanks for all your prompts - you came up with so many good ones! :grin:

Omg lol. If one of my prompts was “Iruka gets kidnapped” you would immediately know it was me!! :joy: :joy: I’m predictable!!! Lol

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Honestly, at this point, I’m kind of expecting that you’re gonna write an “Iruka gets kidnapped” fic at some point in the challenge :joy: (Not that you have to, though!)

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I will 100% write about Iruka (and/or kakashi) getting kidnapped for this. I know me. It will happen. :joy: It’s my favorite thing in this world for some reason. Why is my brain like this?!!?

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Kidnapping is such a good prompt, and it works well with a lot of the suggestions for the Maze Challenge (there’s currently 38!), so I’m looking forward to reading your fic XD

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