KakaIru Maze Challenge 2021

Hey there! The KakaIru Rocks forum is excited to reveal our next event, our very first… KakaIru Maze Challenge!

How it works:

You will be given a maze that has Kakashi at the beginning, and Iruka at the end. The goal will be for you to help Kakashi get to Iruka, who has been kidnapped (oh no!). To do this, you must figure out the path to reach him. But there’s a catch.

Scattered throughout the maze will be different symbols, which mark a trap or other danger that Kakashi has to face to continue on. Each symbol represents a different prompt, which will be listed in a key below the maze; and the only way Kakashi can get past is for you to make a creation for the prompt that is blocking him.

Once you have finished creating something for all the prompts along the path, Iruka will be saved, and you will have completed the challenge!


1st May - 31st May: Main theme revealed, and prompt suggestions open!

1st June - 30th June: Sign ups open!

1st July - 31st August: Creation & posting period!


  • If there are multiple paths on your maze, you can choose whichever route you like to get to Iruka, even if it’s the long way around!
  • You do not have to draw the path you’ve decided to take, you only have to create something for the prompts you come across along the way.
  • You can make creations for as many prompts as you like (maybe an enemy tricked Kakashi with a diversion, or a poison disoriented him and took him off the path), but you MUST get all the prompts along the path to Iruka to win the challenge.
  • There are no minimum requirements for creations - all effort counts!
  • Creations will be accepted in any language!
  • If you finish your maze (this can mean either all the prompts, or simply completing the challenge), you can contact mod @kakairu-shrine ​for another one to do!


  • All content must be created for this event – old/ recycled work will not be allowed.
  • This is a KakaIru event, so all works must be endgame KakaIru.
  • Triggering, sensitive & NSFW content must be tagged appropriately. If it isn’t, we will not share it.

Where to post:

  • KakaIru Rocks Forum: SFW content in the Fanworks section, and NSFW or triggering content in the Lemon Bar (You must be a forum member, and 18+ to have access to the Lemon Bar).
  • We have an AO3 Collection you can post to, which will be open until 15th September (Kakashi’s birthday!); and we would like you to use the tag KakaIru Maze Challenge 2021.
  • Tag us on Tumblr with the prompt your work is for, and/ or use KakaIru Maze Challenge 2021 in the tags.
  • On Twitter, tag @KakairuRocks and use #KakaIruMazeChallenge2021

All tagged work will be shared by us, and a masterpost will be created at the end of the event!

If you have any questions about the KakaIru Maze Challenge, please contact us!

We can’t wait to do this with you!


This sounds interesting! I’ve never seen a maze challenge like this :eyes:

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It’s going to be super fun, trust me! :grin:
And I’m hoping that with the added element of “I have to help Kakashi save Iruka!”, people will be more inspired to tackle the prompts, and we’re going to get so much amazing kakairu content to indulge in :heart_eyes:
I can’t wait!

I can’t wait! This event looks so good! I was wondering, will any work be accepted or just stories?

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I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! :grin: Any work will be accepted for this - fics, art, and anything else you can think of! We don’t want to limit people’s creativity, so whatever you want to create for it will be accepted :blush:

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Very excited to do this! Nearly missed the reminder

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I’m glad you didn’t miss it! The event is going to be great! I am so excited to see everyone’s creations! :heart_eyes:

And welcome to the forum! :wave: I’m one of the mods, so if you need anything, you can summon me any time!