KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021 Sign Ups!

Welcome to the KakaIru Advent Calendar Battle 2021 sign ups!

If you want to participate, all you need to do is nominate a holiday trope that you love by commenting what it is below!

It can be anything, from Christmas or another religious holiday, to the season, to New Year’s, to just about anything else that happens around this time of year! Just please try not to double up on tropes!

Remember to keep visiting us every week from 1st Dec - 31st Jan to see the votes and nominate your favourites from the list!

If you would like more information on the event, please read this post.

We look forward to seeing your nominations!


I don’t know if these have been nominated already and I’m sorry if so but I have some!
-family drama turns to family love
-secret Santa
-trying to figure out what’s under the tree
-making snow angels
-unintensional snowball fight
-awkward mistletoe kiss
-DIY wreath
-missing family
-gift exchange at work
-white elephant
-family Holiday card

There are so many topic ideas. I don’t think these are “tropes”??? Lol. Just throwing out there some fun holiday themes.


I love the Slips on Ice and the other catches them and is heroic :sparkling_heart:
Or maybe they both fall lol
One hates Christmas, the other loves it so the Christmas hater also loves it by proxy.


That’s a nice list you’ve got there! :eyes: Which one do you want to claim as your trope?

I’m basically setting up the event like I do the Naruto polls, and planned to limit it to one trope per person, though atm, only 2 people, including yourself have nominated something, so I might have to change things later :chrusweatsmile:


I nominate snowed in somewhere while traveling (often coupled with only one bed for maximum effect)


Oh man, I love that trope! :heart_eyes:

Hey, guys! I thought maybe the lack of sign ups might be because people are having a hard time coming up with a trope/ prompt to nominate, so I wrote a small list that you can pick from if you can’t think of anything!

  • New Year’s resolution

  • Christmas carols

  • Baking treats for the holidays

  • Ice skating

  • Curled up by the fire

  • Being a mall Santa

  • Who can give the worst present?

  • Making snow angels

  • First Christmas together

  • Building snowman together

  • Knitting in front of the fire

  • Drinking hot chocolate

  • Snuggling under a blanket

  • Catching a winter cold & the other looks after them

  • Summer Christmas

  • Spending time with the family

  • Watching holiday movies

  • Ugly sweater competition

  • Shenanigans at a holiday party

  • Decorating the Christmas tree together

  • Family holiday-themed photoshoot


Okay, i hope these are tropes, i have a few ones hahaha x3

  • Kiss a “stranger” on new year
  • Watching the fireworks
  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • Kiss under the mistletoe
  • Gift shopping
  • Ugly sweaters
  • Working on Christmas

But if i have to pick just one, i would choose “Kiss a ‘stranger’ on new year” uwu


Hello ^^ I’d like to choose “Warm up with someone we love through a hug”


@esme_3 Welcome to the forum! :wave: I love those ideas! :heart: Is the first one your number one choice?
@Helena_Sugar So many great ideas! :heart_eyes:
@Sakurin Welcome to the forum! :wave: That’s such a cute nomination! :revolving_hearts:

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Vacationing to warmth
Sitting in front of the fireplace
Meeting family
Awkward family reunions
Getting caught in the snow


Oh, let’s see:
Meeting the Family maybe?

And if that’s already been asked: Christmas dinner burns and someone has to order takeout.


Getting stranded en route to a holiday function they were both invited to by different people. They don’t really know each other yet, but decided to carpool to save money and have company.


If no one else has claimed it, I nominate first holidays together, especially if there’s small children and/or found family involved :heart_eyes: it’s like, the one really fluffy winter holiday trope I enjoy


I can’t choose! Unintentional snowball fight I think?!?
Or family drama to family love… ok I’m going snowball???


Being a mall Santa!!!

I can do see this as a story where Kakashi and Iruka go undercover for the sake of the mission!!!



Those are some great prompt! :heart_eyes: Is there one in particular you like the most from the list?

ohhhh! :heart_eyes:
Creating new (family) traditions
and if that is taken- Hurrying home for the holidays


I love these!

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I want to nominate New Year’s resolution. I love the idea of Kakashi making his resolution to ask Iruka out or Iruka making his resolution to make Naruto and Kakashi feel at home with him or I don’t know, so many possibilities!!!