Fanwork Friday - January 26, 2024 - Strange disapperances


Fanwork Friday - January 26, 2024

Hi and welcome to our fourth Fanwork Friday post :green_heart: :green_heart: If you want to read about the concept please see our launch post here on the forum. Let’s get into the final work of January 2024 which is:

Fanwork title/prompt: Strange disappearances
Creator: @sakurin
From event: KakaIru Maze Challenge 2022
Fanwork type: Fanart

Rating: General
Warning(s): None
URL: Sakurinhatake - Another sketch for kakairu rocks kakairu maze - Tumblr

Description: This traditional artwork really sparks the imagination - you’ll understand when you see it and you’ll start wondering what happened.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing creations make a comeback!

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