About Fanwork Friday

:sparkles: Prepare to journey through the vibrant history of our community! :sparkles:

Starting today (January 5, 2024), every Friday we’ll be revisiting the amazing creations our event participants have shared over the years. So get ready to dive into a sea of KKIR that spans different years, themes, and genres. It’s a celebration of the creativity that has formed our community. Our randomizer (fancy name for a spreadsheet) has mixed it up nicely :jar: Depending on the rating you will find the weekly post in either the regular Recs category or the Lemon bar and we will also post on our Tumblr.

:sparkles::tada: Remember, it’s all about celebrating our community’s creative spirit, and we can’t wait to share and rediscover all the amazing works together with you! :sparkles::tada:

For now, mods have opted to not include works for the DDNs in Fanwork Friday but If you would like your drabbles or doodles from DDNs to be included please DM @oneinist and they will put them in the randomizer for you :memo:

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