Doodle Drabble Night (DDN) Interest Check

Us mods have been discussing a new event we’d like to run called Doodle Drabble Night (DDN); and we’re finally ready to reveal the details and find out if you guys would be interested in participating!

Mod @kaoruhana is the mastermind behind this fun idea, and will be running it; and she has asked me to share the explanation and interest check she has prepared during this hectic week!

What is DDN?

DDN stands for Drabble Doodle Night. One night every month, creators (artists and authors) get together to either drabble or dooble over the course of three hours. There are ten prompts given, and all participants get fifteen minutes to create something for the prompt.

Only fifteen minutes?

Don’t worry! If you can’t get stuff done in fifteen minutes, you can take as long as you need. The only rules are that you use the prompts provided to create, and that you post your works by the start of the next DDN round.

OH, and the special rule: Drabblers have to write drabbles that are exactly 100 words long. No more and no less.

Us mods want to try hosting this event for you all starting November. Before we do so, we wanted to gauge your interest.

Are you interested in participating in DDN? If so, what time would work best for you?
At the moment, to make it fair for all fandom participants, the mods are willing to host a DDN twice per month (one Friday night for the American and Asia/Oceania, one Saturday morning for the Americas/Europe).

If you could fill out this form and let us know, we can decide whether we want to move forward with this event.

If you would like to know more, you can read the full rules & guidelines in our new DDN category!

Thanks in advance!