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A little sad but I like it

Iruka pulled his legs up to his chest as he stared out his bedroom window. His eyes searched the shadows for something- anything. He remembered another night where he searched the dark rooftops of his city with a different anticipation in his chest. His eyes scanning the shadows cast by the moon for the glint of silver. Oh, the way his breath had caught when he found it. So sure he was dreaming as it drew closer. Now he stared out at the impossibly dark night and prayed he would see it again. To get the chance to say sorry.


Iruka was sitting, counting seconds. The red light in the corner was his only illumination.

341 342 343 344 345

There was a creeeeeek off to his right.

Shit! Already?


357 358 359 360


“Not now!!” He shrieked as loudly as possible.

He grabbed his fixer bottle and emptied the tank back into it.

As he was turning on the tap he hollered, “Two minutes!”

No sound. Good. Hopefully that meant Kakashi was waiting patiently.

He put the developing tank under the tap, closed his eyes, and started counting again.

He’d always found this process to be meditative.


Two minutes and ten seconds later, Kakashi popped the door open and quipped, “I don’t know why you do this in the dark every time.”

“I like it. After a full day of yelling as kids, it’s nice to give my full focus to the process. And calming to not have the bright lights on.” Iruka paused while he popped the lid open and put the film right under the water. “Can you pass me the white bottle beside you?”

Kakashi grabbed the film cleaner and set it directly to Iruka’s right.

“Thanks! Would you mind helping me hang them?”


Kakashi’s fingers traced the white porcelain mask where he knew Iruka’s cheek was. Iruka leaned his head into his hand and Kakashi wanted nothing more than to feel the warm skin he knew was under it.

“Surprised?” Iruka’s voice was muffled but it didn’t hide the mirth that was there. He knew there were ANBU he didn’t know, but, Iruka?

“How long?”

“Since the first time I took the Chunin exams.”

Kakashi finally gave into his temptation and moved his hand to take the mask off. When Iruka didn’t resist he unclasped it. The mask slid away revealing Iruka’s smile.


Kakashi jumped down and hid in the alley way and counted. Dozens of orange blurs ran past him.
“Kakashi-Sensei! When I find you, you are so done for!”
Once he was sure they had all passed he leaned back and let out a breath. Of course, Naruto had no idea that his precious person had a rowdy side. Of course, he had never seen Iruka drunk. So when Kakashi had stumbled into Naruto while holding a very intoxicated Iruka up, the blond had jumped to conclusions. Kakashi jumped back to the roof top, Ah the things he did for love.


“Ok, but we gotta be quick! Did you forget we’re meeting Yamato and Anko for drinks?” Kakashi agreed and admonished all in one.

“Shit. I completely forgot. The kids had me running off my feet all day!” Iruka felt stricken. Anko had been wanting to meet up for weeks, but one or the other of them had always begged off.

Iruka passed Kakashi one end of the roll and they stretched it across the room. Soon three rolls of film were stretched across the room.

A twist of his wrist to turn on the humidifier, and they were outta there!


Iruka glanced at Kakashi from the corner of his eye. Kakashi feigned ignorance as he slid a piece of cake onto a napkin and handed it to Iruka, taking one for himself.
The two of them turned to each other and Kakashi could see the glint of mischief in his, now husband’s eye, as cameras flashed and their friends cheered around them.
Lightning fast, the two of them reacted, shoving the cake in each other’s face. Frosting smearing as Iruka’s free hand reached to grab more cake to throw at his husband, the two of them doubled over with laughter.


Luck was with them tonight! Their usual booth was still empty. Anko and Yamato must be running late too.

Iruka made a beeline for the display case at the back of the café while Kakashi went to secure their table.

He’d mentally settled on a luscious looking Black Forest cake when there were two unexpectedly cold hands under his shirt. Iruka jumped and whirled!

“Anko! I told you not to do that!” He whined and engulfed her in his arms.

She hugged him back fiercely, and something cold skittered down Iruka’s spine that had nothing to do with her hands.


“All in,” Kakashi said as he slid his chips across the table. He leaned back and stared Iruka down. Iruka took a moment to glance at his cards again. His eyes narrowing at the tattooed thug before him, unamused. All of the others had folded early.

When the dealer glanced at Iruka, he nodded and moved his chips into the center of the table. He could feel the tension radiating off the others at the table as the dealer called and asked for them to reveal their hands.

Iruka couldn’t help the rush of satisfaction as he turned his cards.


Iruka felt his face go from jovial to calm instantaneously. Anko was shaking in his arms. It was several minutes before Anko’s hold on him loosened, so he could pull back enough to make eye contact. He fumbled beside him and grabbed a handful of napkins from the dispenser.

As he passed them over, he started the catch phrase they’d used for decades, “When the chips are down—”

“We stand together.” Anko’s voice was watery, but her body felt more settled in his arms.

“What’s happened?” Iruka kept his voice calm and measured as he led her toward their table.


Kakashi remembers watching in awe as his father forged weapons. He remembers the steam it produced and the loudness of the water as it boiled against the red-hot metal.
Kakashi couldn’t help but think of it every time he watched Iruka’s face flush with anger in the mission room, right before Kakashi would throw him off kilter with a pick-up line, or ask about his plans for dinner. He couldn’t help but think of it as tempering. Trying to make sure Iruka was able to withstand Kakashi’s hot and cold personality. With patience, he hoped it would lead to more.


Worst case scenarios flashed through Iruka’s mind like lightning. He blurted, “Did Yamato—”

“No!” Came the equally lightning quick reply. The smallest of smiles played across her lips. “Of course not. You know he’s the best thing to happen to me since you.”

Iruka felt deep and immediate relief. He and Anko had been tempered by their experiences, both before and after adopting each other. If Yamato had hurt her, well, Iruka and Anko would be disappearing together again. He did not want to have to leave Kakashi behind.

“Then…?” Iruka’s voice trailed off as they arrived at the table.


Iruka pressed his fingers into the clay in concentration. Dozens of pre-genin sat at the table around him making pinch pots and clay snakes.

“Sensei, what is that?” One of the kids looks up from his ball he had been rolling for three minutes.

Iruka grins, “It’s a dog”

“Its ears should be pointier.”

“It needs a cuter nose.” A Inuzuka girl pipped in.

“But it’s a pug.” Iruka frowns at the criticism.

“You should just squish it and start over.” The original child said.

“yeah Sensei, you can try again.”

“Thank you, but I like him as he is.”


The prompt is definitely more implied this time…

Kakashi and Yamato were standing next to the booth, waiting. Iruka made eye contact with Kakashi and minutely quirked his eyebrow. Kakashi responded with the slightest shake of his head. So, Yamato hadn’t said anything yet either.

Iruka gave Yamato a quick once over. He still had clay splatters on his clothes and in his hair. That explained why they’d been late. Yamato looked concerned, but only because Anko’d had a breakdown in Iruka’s arms. Iruka wondered if he knew what was wrong.

Yamato held out his arms when they arrived and Anko slid right into them.

Iruka sighed quietly.


Iruka rushed down the hallway.

He glanced at his watch. Yup. Still late.

He unconsciously took a sip of his coffee before spraying it out along with a curse. His entire mouth burned.

“I’d watch your language if I were you, sensei.”

Speaking of hot . Iruka’s face flushed as he realized he had spit coffee out all over none other than Hatake Kakashi.

“I am so sorry. I can pay for dry cleaning.”

“It’s alright. Buy me lunch and we’ll call ourselves even.”

“Sure.” Iruka squeaked

“It’s a date then.” Kakashi grinned and entered his classroom, leaving Iruka in shock.


Iruka saw Kakashi make eye contact with Choji, the young man who worked the counter on weekends, and signal for four drinks… with a little extra added in.

Huge mugs of steaming hot chocolate landed on the table a couple of minutes after they settled. Another moment brought three pieces of the Black Forest cake and one cheddar scone.

Choji grinned at Iruka, “I noticed you eyeing it up earlier.”

“Thanks!” Iruka grinned right back.

The table was quiet as each person dug into their food. The cake was just as good as Iruka’d expected.

Eventually, though, plates were empty.


The snow was melting. Which meant flowers and spring. Which was a good thing, Kakashi reminded himself as he slipped in the mud again, too chakra exhausted to stay atop it.

He could see the gates. He just had to make it a few more steps. He cursed as he slipped again. Focusing on his destination instead of the mud squelching between his toes. He could practically hear Iruka fussing. Just a few more steps and he’d be home. Just a few more steps and he could curl up in his boyfriend’s arms and sleep.

Just a few more steps.


Iruka fixed Anko and Yamato with a look.

Anko melted back into Yamato.

Kakashi gripped Iruka’s hand under the table. Kakashi anchored him, and, conversely, it comforted Iruka to know that Kakashi was just as anxious as he was.

“Spill.” Kakashi’s quiet voice beat Iruka to the punch.

Iruka could hear the underlying command in his voice that no amount of time could erase.

There was still a long pause as Anko looked up at Yamato. Yamato smiled reassuringly back. Anko visibly steeled herself and blurted,

“I’m pregnant!”

An extremely long moment passed while Iruka and Kakashi processed her words.


Iruka glared at the cupcake on his desk. His eyebrow raised in suspicion. It looked like a chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting topped with chocolate shavings. Looked.

It had just appeared while he was outside with his students and he had already wasted over five minutes just, staring at it. It wouldn’t be the first time a student had tried to prank him with a cupcake. But this one looked too good to be a prank. He finally reached out and picked it up revealing the familiar Henohenomoheji scribbled below it. Iruka sighed in relief and took a bite.