Alternate Universes thread!

i am actually a sucker for alternate universes. don’t get me wrong, i love the naruto world (most of the time, get me on a rant on the sharingan and that love will swiftly turn to something… less described as love) but I have a weakness for aus of all kinds! Especially crossovers with other verses…

so what alternate universes have y’all thought of? one favourite au i recently thought of is a jurassic world au - kakashi riding alongside velociraptors are just… cool, to say the least! and iruka as the one who either looks after baby dinosaurs or their hatching… very cool too. :smiley:

I usually end up writing in the narutoverse (or whatever you want to call it!), but I like exploring alternate universes, too, just for something different. I’ve done a soulmate AU, a high school AU, and a modern AU so far, if I remember rightly; but I think the high school one is the only one I’ve really gone into detail of the universe itself lol

I think your idea of a Jurassic World AU would be quite exciting! There’s all sorts of directions you could go, and I think it would be interesting no matter how the AU is approached because anything with dinosaurs in it is cool! I would imagine if you really wanted to go into detail of the AU, though, it would take a fair amount of research to get accurate descriptions of dinosaurs if that’s what you’re going for; but the extra effort would definitely be worth it!

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Yup can’t argue with the image of Kakashi riding along side Velociraptors being cool AF. It’s certainly an interesting idea :slight_smile:

I’ve written exactly one AU and it took me 3 bloody years lol. (I’m in the process of editing it so I can post on A03) It was a modern day style with some gangs and stuff in and was weirdly inspired by something that happened to me while I was working. (Things that inspire you amirite?) Its kinda outdated now considering some of the character development in Shippuden but meh whatcha gonna do.

I’ve also got 2 in the works, one for the KakaIru mini bingo and one I’ve actually had in my head for years but only just cobbled a plot together for…

But yeah AU’S can be a heck of a lot of fun.

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Like @LadySmaell said, AUs can be so much fun, but somehow I can’t for the life of me ever think of one. Like, I do like to read/look at art of AUs - I guess Edo era is somehow my fav in that category? - but my brain vehemently rejects changing the backdrop by itself. :man_shrugging: So I got nothin’.


Wow that Jurassic World AU sounds so good!! I can see Iruka teaching the kids about baby dinos :pleading_face:

I really like the narutoverse (like most people), but I think I enjoy AU’s a little bit more. I just love them! Reading about Kakashi and Iruka in all those wonderful worlds it’s just ughh so cool! I like all the AU’s tbh, but I think the Zombie/Post-Apocalyptic AU is my favorite. I have a story I would like to draw someday with Iruka, Kakashi and their friends & students, driving a wrecked school bus, killing zombies and trying to survive togheter like a big family. Maybe when I’m done with all my WIPs I’ll give it a chance :thinking:

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Everything I’ve written thus far, and have planned, is all Narutoverse, with the exception of my BigBang fic. But that’s just a modern au fic, and it’s not so much the setting as what happens in the plot that makes it unique. As far as an alternate universe I had entertained, it’s still Narutoverse, but for KakaIru Week I had contemplated the “Not Ninjas” theme and had thought about writing a fic where Iruka and Kakashi never became shinobi, and lived out civilian lives. Like, Iruka’s parents were still shinobi, and Iruka had been planning on following in their footsteps, but after they died in the Kyuubi attack, the trauma of it all had Iruka retire the idea of being a shinobi forever—Instead he learned to perfect his mother’s recipes from a cookbook he recovered after the attack, learned how to make recipes of his own, and opened a little restaurant that makes several killer ramen dishes. His little place and Ichiraku have a healthy rivalry going as they exist on the same block, just at opposite ends.

Across the way from Iruka’s place is Kakashi’s bookshop. The Hatake clan, in this reality, were the same as they had been, but after Sakumo took his own life after failing a mission in order to save lives and had been crucified for it, Kakashi saw everything wrong with the shinobi lifestyle and refused to take part of it. He spent years doing odd jobs, not really knowing what to do with himself if he wasn’t going to be a shinobi, but books became his passion and opening a book store just seemed like the natural progression. Cue a civilian romance coming out of being “across the street entrepreneur neighbors” and hilarity/fluff ensues (with the opportunity for some angst in having parent-death-related-trauma in common). I’d still like to write this eventually…gonna have to add it to the ever-growing WIP list :sweat_smile:

A few true alternate universe settings I’d like to explore some day are a Horizon Zero Dawn AU (with Iruka as the story’s Aloy-like character, and Kakashi as someone but I haven’t made up my mind who yet), a Last of Us AU (because zombie apocalypse AU is always good, but LoU has a setting and zombie-type I love a lot), and a Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba AU (with Iruka as Tanjiro, Naruto as Nezuko, and Kakashi as a somewhat chiller but dorkier Inosuke who wears a wolf mask instead of a boar).

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Ok, not gonna lie all of those sound awesome. I adore the big bang one though it sounds like such and interesting take on not not ninja but still in the ninja world so shenanigans can happen.

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Omg I love Horizon Zero Dawn, and I think that setting would make a great AU!! And I definitely like the idea of Iruka as Aloy’s character!

I used to like Nil, the guy who Aloy did bandit camp raids with every now and again. I think the personalities between him and Kakashi differ, but I think the fact that he’s a lone wolf could work well for a story. I’m picturing something along the lines of bandit camp raider Kakashi stumbles across adventurer Iruka and they raid together (and flirt, obviously lol); and as they encounter each other more, and Kakashi gets an obsession, and can’t get Iruka out of his mind… So he uses his sneaky soldier skills to follow him after they next meet. Cue either:

  1. How long does it take before Iruka notices him? And does Iruka think he’s an enemy at first and nearly beats him to death?
  2. Iruka gets stuck in a battle, and Kakashi just “happens to be around” to save the day
  3. Kakashi is the one who gets caught up (or captured by bandits/ enemy tribes because he’s too distracted spying on Iruka to notice them?), and Iruka is the one who saves him

That’s all I’ve got so far just at the top of my head; but yeah, I love your idea for a Horizon Zero Dawn AU!


@kakairu-shrine @Narutav I have zero idea what Horizon Zero Dawn is, but I think it sounds really really cool! And again, I’m enthusiastic about AUs pretty much all the time :stuck_out_tongue: Also fond of Kakashi being an awkward stalker - either rescuing or needing rescue, both options are excellent.

@LadySmaell Canon only exists as much as we allow it too! I look forward to your fic - though gangs and stuff happening to you? Dang I hope it wasn’t too serious…

@artsies eh we have what we like to create for! I don’t think I’m much good at canon, rip - but I love love love reading fic of it anyway!! And when someone gets the meta in… chills, I tell you, chills. Also Edo era is amazing, have you read Mine’s a Tale that Can’t be Told by iamnotanut ?? There’s also art for it… also this unrelated art by mogsam (sorry for sudden rec rip)

@annie post-apocalyptic AUs are my jam too! (at this rate, what isn’t my jam…? people relying on each other, choosing to depend and stay with each other instead of striking out alone - and that terrible heart-breaking angst when one of them gets bitten. heheh. if you ever get around to it, do post it up :DDDD

@Narutav also that civilian au sounds absolutely lovely and fluffy! two people with similar-ish experiences bonding together, and also gentle excuses for going to iruka’s ramen restaurant and saying that the food is good (it is, it is, but there’s something else better there and it ain’t the complimentary gyoza - okay maybe just a bit of it is the gyoza) and that Last of Us au sounds totatlly up @annie’s lane!

man this is sure a long post ahahah but keep the au talk coming guys, i’m 100% delighting in all this creativity!


As someone who is currently playing that game, your reply makes me want to stand on top of a mountain and scream into a sunset about how much I need to read this. (Also no spoilers, I just got into Carja territory. :persevere:)


Oh my god I LOVE that idea. Canon Nil is fun but he was never my favorite, but in the context that it’s Kakashi I can see that role working for him very well, with tweaks to his character to be less Nil’s brand of crazy :laughing:

Like instead of a drive to murder, maybe it’s a personal vendetta against bandits that drives Kakashi…like he was a soldier, and he served with his two best friends Obito and Rin, but after one long and hard campaign fought against machines their squad was captured by bandits for a randsom, but the sun kingdom doesn’t negotiate with terrorists so the king (the psycho one that invented the sun ring, not the good one you meet in the game) didn’t pay ans the bandits sent a message by torturing and killing Obito and Rin. Leaving Kakashi alive (if not half dead and missing an eye) to deliver that message. Kakashi returns to the kingdom, is healed, but sees his king for the tyrant he is–funny how losing an eye has made his vision more clear–and decides to leave and becomes a lone wolf hunter who goes after bandits.

I could completely get behind that :heart_eyes: And that fight to the death Nil asks you to have in the game? Kakashi’s version could be to seriously spar, find out who’s stronger after hunting side by side so many times, and Iruka kicks his ass to teach Kakashi the lesson that he has to stop being a lone wolf and pet people be apart of his life again. Even if it’s to kick his ass once in awhile :laughing: Cue Kakashi tagging along for Iruka’s adventure forever after that.

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I love AUs so much. I have a wip I’ve posted and tons in the works.

I’ve been nursing a pirate AU for ages. I have a general idea of how the world would work. And Iruka and Kakashi’s back story but no plot lol.

Then a vague idea involving the Fair Folk/ Irish fairies.

I have so many ideas.


I love it! :heart_eyes: That backstory for Kakashi fits so well; and that’s a great idea for the fight scene. Maybe they could have made a bet, too, like if Kakashi wins, Iruka has to… idk, stay with him and help hunt bandits until every last one of them is gone; but if Iruka wins, cue the lesson you mentioned about Kakashi inviting people into his life again, and maybe when they travel together and reach civilization, Iruka makes him socialise a bit? lol

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A bet! That’s perfect :heart_eyes: Iruka getting Kakashi to socialize would be hilarious, especially if Kakashi’s with him when Iruka meets up with the new sun king. Kakashi expects to have to suppress his murderous intent, expecting the old sun king he’d denounced, but instead gets the new young sun king (Oh! Maybe Itachi, who killed his father Fugaku when he got too mad with power) and has no idea how to be a person. It’s both hilarious and a little sad to Iruka.

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Kakashi would be so confused lmao Here he is thinking Iruka just knows other soldiers/ ordinary people, and he thinks it’s going to be some formal visit with the sun king, but then there’s some young guy there instead of the tyrant he remembers, and he and Iruka are talking like they’ve been buddies for a while, and he’s like wtf is even going on??!

**omg Iruka doesn’t realise Kakashi doesn’t know who the current sun king is, and every time Kakashi has badmouthed the king during their travels, Iruka scolds him/ wonders why he has so much hatred for him. Then they all meet, and everything makes sense. Maybe Iruka makes Kakashi apologise while they’re there, and the sun king just shrugs it off, finding the whole situation kind of amusing

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@Narutav @kakairu-shrine So when are you guys writing this fic, exactly? Interested parties would like to know.

@rikacain I think I did see mogsam’s art (:100:), but not the fic and the art inspired by it. I’ll check it out, thanks! :heart:

@Hex Ah, pirates! Like Pirates of the Caribbean pirates or Treasure Planet sci-fi pirates? (Both is good. Yes, yes.)

Hey, I just remembered. I actually have a Star Trek au. Wow.


@artsies Me, looking at my WIP folder now:

I totally want to while I’m inspired and excited by the idea, and am very tempted to start drafting it right this very second; but sadly, I have a few projects I need to finish first, which I’ve neglected long enough already lol At least there’s a rough outline here to go back to when I want to give it a go! :grin:

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Omg I hope you write it! That way I can read it a thousand times and shower it in praise :heart_eyes:

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Okay, the Horizon Zero Dawn AU is officially a work in progress! :grin:

I’ve just copied and pasted our ideas to a document, and have started drafting an outline and developing the idea a little more.

Atm it looks like it’ll end up being a chapter fic, so idk if I’ll end up posting chapter by chapter or all at once when I write it (anything I can imagine being bigger than 10k words, I like to go chapter by chapter); but when I do post, I’ll make sure to give you credit where it’s due, too, considering it’s not entirely my idea, and I probably never would have ended up doing this AU if you hadn’t mentioned anything and gotten me all excited about it :blush:

So much for “don’t give in to peer pressure”, and “I have a few projects I need to finish first”! :sweat_smile: But I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to lol