Who would have the most tattoos?

  • Kakashi
  • Iruka
  • Anko
  • Kotetsu
  • Izumo
  • Tenzou
  • Gai
  • Genma
  • Raidou
  • Kurenai
  • Asuma
  • Ibiki

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Look… watching Orochimaru 24/7 changes a man … He needs something to get him through the day :sob: ( he would look cool that’s the real reason)


If anyone, I think Iruka because I can’t quite picture shinobi who are regularly in the field choosing to give themselves permanent identifying marks. (We’ll ignore that they identified ANBU with tattoos and distinctive clothing…)

In a Modern AU setting, though, I feel like it might be Asuma—as an act of rebellion against his father.


I love how everyone has a different take! For me, Anko came to mind first so I went with it (Imagine a snake from the hip, twisting up and around her torso!!! although I doooo like the idea of any AU that puts nice big tattoos on any of Iruka and Kakashi.