Who Loves Christmas Music More?

So, not only do I associate December with well, the cold and the Holidays, I always think of December as the one time of year, when I can listen to one of my favorite indulgences: Christmas music!

And I can’t help but wonder, who, between Kakashi and Iruka, likes it more.

I think it’s Kakashi, and for a rather sentimental reason. See, Iruka knows the changing of the seasons and has to deal with young children singing off-key renditions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Jingle Bells or Frosty the Snowman pretty much all of December. So, after a while, he can listen to some music, but he kind of likes the peace and quiet that December brings with it too.

Meanwhile for Kakashi, it’s a little reprieve. It’s the one time when he can listen to some soothing, peaceful music, and it’s one of the few ways he marks the seasons. I also like to think that after everything he’s been through, for Kakashi, Christmas music is something relaxing and hopeful.

BUT, I wonder, what do you all think? Who likes Christmas music more?

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