Who is better at writing Poetry?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! Hopefully, this will be just as inspiring as the previous one! This week’s question is:

Who is better at making Haiku?

I think it would be Iruka, and not Kakashi. I think it’s because Kakashi can read and enjoy good literature, but I totally headcanon that whenever he writes, it sounds terrible and more than one person has kindly asked him to read instead of picking up the pen.

I think Iruka is actually a lot more poetic than others may think, and I think it may be a hidden talent of his. I think Iruka is actually a very creative writer and his talents extend to his poetry, so much so that Kakashi tells him to publish his works one day.

But, these are my thoughts. What do you think; who is better at writing poetry?

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You make a good point it’s making me want to change my opinion… my initial thought was Kakashi would be the better poetry writer but under a pen name and he’s only good at two genres sad ones and romantic ones (about Iruka :laughing: ). He would be able to do short ones that just make sense…however if they asked him to make one on the spot he would make a cringy haiku kinda of like his crazy late excuses.:joy:

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