Who has paid for the most meals at Ichiraku?

With Team Seven being shouted ramen after a training session or mission; and Iruka & Naruto shouting each other ramen when they get together; and Kakashi always palming off the bill onto unsuspecting friends, but also more than likely shouting Iruka ramen when they eat together; and then choosing to eat at Ichiraku alone, the person paying for the bill always changes!

So who do you think has paid for the most meals?

:ramen: :fish_cake: :chopsticks:

  • Naruto
  • Iruka
  • Kakashi
  • Yamato

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Iruka for sure :rofl: Followed closely by Yamato! It just makes sense to me that way. Kakashi will have rarely ever paid for Team 7, but I do think he pays when eating out with Iruka :heart:

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102% Iruka - right after old man Teuchi. Im convinced that he basically funded most of smoll Narutos ramen - he even slips him coupons when he is genin. I cant blame him; the one thing I cant wrap my mind around and never WILL is how anyone with a heart could reject and even despise such huge blue eyes and tiny hands and tiny legs and :sob: :sob: :sob: I bet old man Teuchi heard his stomach grwol for the first time and was done for.
So yeah, Teuchi paid for the most meals.
Right after that Iruka, since he took it upon himself to feed Naruto.
I dont think Yamato paid that much for meals; yes, he sponsored the damn banquet at the onsen and he let Kakashi trick him into paying for him and Naruto but it didnt seem like a normal thing to happen? I dont want to believe that Yamato is so invested into Kakashis opinion on him that he would let himself be tricked into paying the tab more often.
And I gotta agree with oneinist - Kakashi pays when him and Iruka go out. Always. Hes very VERY generous with Iruka. Which makes Iruka a little uncomfortable :grinning:


Oh my gosh, how could I forget about Teuchi. You are absolutely right!!! He should be in the top. I stand corrected XD

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