Which of the Sannin would be the worst babysitter?

Okay, we know that Orochimaru is evil & everything, but if we say they won’t harm the child or experiment on them or anything like that - they’re just minding them, which of the Sannin would be the worst babysitter?
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  • Tsunade
  • Jiraiya
  • Orochimaru

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I guess Orochimaru…who kidnapped babies. And experimented on them. And created new life from shodai DNA. And pretty much is an open pedophile…

Jiraiya is a close second and an almost equal shitty human being but Id rather have him as a babysitter than Orochimaru…

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I VOTED WRONG :frowning:
I was going to choose Orochimaru, and i agree with @CorynHope Jiraiya would be a close second, I wouldn’t trust a child with these two.
Now Tsunade seems responsible enough, maybe not the most patient but still, she would know what to do.


Well, Tsunade has the better record when it comes to her students, Sakura and Shizune turned out just fine :grinning: :grinning:

Sasuke and Pein on the other hand…well okay, there is Minato who seinseid Kakashi and BOOOOY did that one turn out fine :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rofl: but tbh I dont know whether Anko is a good reference or… :crazy_face:


Wow, bringing out the darkness there! XD It’s interesting how everyone thinks, though. While you guys are thinking about all that, I’ve just been thinking about the Sannins’ bad habits & stuff.

  • Tsunade would definitely teach the kid how to gamble, and she may even drink on the job, and end up not paying as much attention as she needs to, leaving the kid to get up to all kinds of mischief. Unless they’re more well-behaved because they think she’s scary when she’s angry XD

  • Jiraiya would most certainly use the kid to try & pick up women; and I have no doubt he’d bring them into a strip club or something, too.

  • I did say that Orochimaru wouldn’t experiment on the kid or anything (so like, Boruto era Orochimaru?), but I can still see them being opportunistic; and I think if the kid had a kekkei genkai or some other power that they liked, they wouldn’t be able to help but teach the kid some (more than likely dark & unethical) tips & tricks to be stronger. I think they’d probably let the kid get away with a lot more than appropriate, too, since they are such a shady character

So I guess it would come down to whether parents would want their kid to be babysat by:

  1. Someone who may drink on the job, and is going to teach their kid to gamble
  2. Someone who is going to take their kid inappropriate places for their own interests
  3. Someone who is going to tutor their kid, but the content taught is forbidden & unethical