What's your favorite trope/fanfic setting?

I’m really curious what everyone else likes. Maybe we can make a poll. :grin:

Mine has got to be the “eccentric Kakashi worms his way into Iruka’s life without him noticing until it’s too late”, especially if it’s via Naruto. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Mine is them mutually pining for each other, but keeping their feelings to themselves until they just can’t anymore :heart_eyes:


@artsies eccentric kakashi is awesome. the all jounins are eccentric trope is <3 iruka just gotta go with the flow! (and put his foot down if necessary)

@Narutav hhh that is a classic. just mutual pining, convinced the other doesnt love them until something - an injury, jealousy, matchmaking attempts by friends and students - makes them break through their doubts! excellent

i’m mostly a sucker for a found family trope - two tired ninjas bonding over their hyperactive son. and the slow erosion of courtesies, when they get more familiar with each other rhythm to the point they find comfort in it. :blush:

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The found family trooooooope :fire: :fire_engine: So much potential. The feels. The angst. The humor.

(help meeeeee I can’t)


I know it’s clichéd as heck but I adore Prankster Iruka. And he just trolls the crap out of everyone, especially Kakashi. They either end up super cute or gutbustingly hilarious.

@artsies dsafkgahd yes. (i can’t help myself i can’t help u eitherrrrrr)

@LadySmaell hey, all tropes are cliche! that’s why they’re tropes, yeah - and that’s why they hit us so good :+1::+1: :+1:

but yes prankster iruka just staying one step ahead of everyone - until he wants to be caught! both hilarious and cute aaaa i only remember one prank fic so far, i think…

I don’t know if this a trope but I love when Kakashi takes care of Iruka. Be it because Iruka is sick, physically injured or has PTS from a turbulent past or a nasty mission. I mean Iruka taking care of Kakashi is nice, but I lost my marbles when it’s the other way around. I love reading about his recovery, how he’s coping with everything while Kakashi is there for him, patient and loving by his side. “I’ve got you” by Darkauroran is a perfect example for this! How is this trope called anyway? Recovery fic? :thinking:

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Chuckles I love that story so much and that trope to be fair. It is freaking adorable.

Hurt/comfort is my jam. Esp surrounding injury and recovery. Also, I am a sucker for monster fics but is that really a surprise? Lol

Gotta say most modern setting ones. Especially if it’s like CEO kakashi meeting down on his luck or poor Iruka. That opposites attract

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@LadySmaell Ohhh, I dig good prankter!Iruka storylines. Especially when its Kakashi on the receiving end. And he pranks right back.

For me its a split for favorite tropes; I cant get enough of the friends with benefits to lovers plot, especially with a grain of drama and misunterstandings. Pure bliss!

And all stories about a slightly prejudiced Kakashi and Hunternin/ANBU/Badass-Iruka putting him in his place. LOVE IT!