Wearing the Tackiest Christmas Sweaters

It’s that time of year again where I’m at: the season for those tacky Christmas sweaters, ugly Christmas jumpers, ugly sweater parties, etc.

And I can’t help but wonder, who does everyone here think would wear the tackiest, ugliest, Christmas jumper/sweater?

I hands down believe it’s Iruka. And I’m pretty sure I know the source of those ugly sweaters too! It’d have to be Naruto, who is so excited to share this one little tradition with Iruka that he goes all out into buying Iruka one every year. And we know Iruka would do anything to make Naruto happy (well, almost anything, but I’d bet 100% that he’d do this for sure)!

I think though, some years Iruka would have competition from Kakashi who participates in some kind of ugly sweater challenge with Gai, because we all know one of those has to exist right?

So, I guess my answer to this would be it depends? If Gai and Kakashi haven’t started any challenges, hands down, Iruka wins. But, if they have, maybe he has some competition in the ugly Christmas sweater/jumper category from Kakashi.

What about y’all? What do you think?

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My first thought was Iruka, too. But, I think he’d use it as a giant pranking opportunity.

“This is my absolute favourite sweater… my dad made it for me… sad face… Aren’t the penguins holding blinking lights the cutest thing ever?”
No one who sees the sweater recognizes those as penguins. But, as soon as he mentions his dad, everyone just smiles and nods. He takes this opportunity to hand sweaters out. “You’ll wear them to honour my dad, right?” puppy dog eyes but smirking on the inside.

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I can definitely see this. Once a prankster, always a prankster!