Twitter exodus?

Has anyone left Twitter / X, and if so, is the destination BlueSky? Mastodon? Other?

I have gone this long without a Twitter and don’t want to start one now, but I also want to find more community.

I still have my account but I was never actively posting (I just had it set up so that if I posted on Pixiv it would post on Twitter too but I mostly post on tumblr/Ao3 :chrusweatsmile: :joukashisweatsmile: ). I don’t think I will abandon my account though since a lot of Japanese fandom creators still use Twitter so I go there to check it out sometimes :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Speaking of other platforms though, I have a Dreamwidth account as well, and I find that it is great for finding other events (both multifandom, fandom-specific, and generally creative ones) that I want to keep track of if I have the energy to join. When I first joined I was thinking that could lead to some community if I started participating (either in the events or by commenting on stuff from the events). Now the reason I don’t know yet is because I haven’t had the energy to participate in anything so far :chruupsidedown: :joukashiupsidedown:

I’ve only heard of Mastodon in passing in the beginning but I wonder if there is anyone else here who has tried it or BlueSky :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

I have a Dreamwidth, too!

The place I go with the most chatter and engagement is a generic “Fan Fiction” Discord server, but it’s about alllllll sorts of ships, so I don’t often find people who are into the same ones as me. In fact, never.

Okay, I made a BlueSky account under the same username! I will follow anyone else from here who wants to be followed, and feel free to follow me, although I haven’t posted anything yet!

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