Tsunade vs. Sakura: who is the better medic?

Assume that both of them are at their best. Who would be the better medic?

  • Tsunade
  • Sakura

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I think Sakura has passed tsunade I’m the medical field. Granted I’m not really caught up but in the cases of Naruto and Sasuke they have both passed their mentors so I would not doubt Sakura doing the same

I think Sakura is on a good way to surpass Tsunade, but she needs to gain experiences first. Experiences Tsunade already has and which are just as important as actual skills in the medical field. So yeah, for the time being Tsuande is still the better medic imo.


I agree with the comments. Sakura is on her way but Tsunade just has more experience. I’m not counting boruto age necessarily tho… so maybe Sakura is better already by then. Tsunade literally saved the whole village. Even tho Sakura literally pumped Naruto’s heart to keep him alive, I think Tsunade is still better…. What a hard question!!!