[Translation] Twitter art by zgzgpapa

This is very short but I liked it so much I wanted to share a translation! (Reverse-teeth kink Kakashi guys. That’s my interpretation anyway. :joy: ) I really like this girl Iruka! As always, please give the artist some love!


Iruka: Oh, it unfurled. (AN: idk how you say when the sewing comes undone and the string hangs there, sorry!)

Iruka: Please excuse me for a bit…

[Sound effect of biting it off]

Iruka: (Ah, good, it came off.) Okay, it’s done… oh, I say that, but that mist have been really uncomfortable! I’m so sorry!

Iruka: Hatake-san?

Kakashi: No, it was… nothing…

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I wonder - Iruka does look like she’s dressed in clothes suited for a hostess… Otherwise the main highlight is Kakashi’s blushing face!!! Flustered Kakashi is always a jam

Kakashi blushing is always gold!