[Translation] Twitter art by mmm_kkir

This art was so cute, I couldn’t resist doing part 1+2!

Kakashi: Iruka sensei, here, provisions <3
Iruka: Ah! Hatake jonin! Thank you very much! I’m sorry for troubling you.
Kakashi: No, no, it’s quite alright. You are the cherished former teacher of my beloved Team 7!

Kakashi: Well, I got a mission, so until next time!
Kotetsu: You are always well looked after, aren’t you?
Iruka: Don’t say such stupid things! Hatake jonin is just a big-hearted person… he thinks of every person in the whole village as cherised, not just me.
Kotetsu: Does he now…?
Iruka: Yeah, of course!

Part 3+4!

Kakashi: Sensei! Are you free tonight?
Iruka: Hatake jonin! I already finished for today, but is there any way I can help?
Kakashi: I found a delicious restaurant recently.
Iruka: Oh, let us go together, please!
Kakashi: Well, let’s go then!
Iruka: Yes!

Kakashi: Here it is. It’s old-fashioned but really wonderful.
Iruka: It has a pleasant atmosphere, doesn’t it?
Kakashi: Right? I recommend the fish here.
Iruka: Well, perhaps I should give that a try as well.
Kakashi: Please give me a bite.
Iruka: I guess it can’t be helped.
Kurenai: What are they talking about…
Anko: I dunno!!! And it doesn’t really matter…


aaa i saw this on twitter and vaguely thought about translating it, but i’m glad you did! and that you caught the update too!!

it’s so cute, the art style is so soft… and god, trope is a trope, but iruka is so oblivious and adorable. hahahaha

I just love how formal Iruka is. Esp. Hatake jonin??? but also Iruka come ooooon

This art was way too cute for me to resist!

“Hatake-jounin looks out for everyone in this village!” Sureeeee, Iruka. Sure. :joy:

In general I love the honorifics system of Japanese, how it really shows the relationship - first from Hatake-jounin, then to Kakashi-sensei when they’re fellow teachers, and Kakashi-san when they’re better friends. Kakashi, when they’re close and intimate.

Gets me all assfhjdm if u get me hahhah

Ugh this is so soft! :heart: