[Translation] Twitter art by chun18r

I: (Even though I’ve) reached this point…

[He lowers the kunai.]

I: I can’t do it…

[Kakashi scratches out the symbol in one decisive motion.]

K: Right. Here you go.

I: Kakashi-sa…

K: So you want to stop after all?

I: I -

K: I’m sorry. Even if you do, (I’ll) take you with me.

I: I know. Everything, it’s for my sake after all.

I did a quick and dirty translation of this for the iruka server, so thought I might as well post it up here too. I’m pretty sure I got like… 10%? of it wrong though :sweat_drops:

more of this 'verse is available on the artist’s twitter or pixiv. (though with a heavy trigger warning for works featuring underage, noncon and dubcon) if you’d rather not go through that, please dm me and I’ll pull out the relevant picture for ya.

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Oof. Right in the feels! Thanks for the translation :heart: Even if it’s not 100%, at least we’ve still got a good idea of the dialogue, and it still makes sense :blush: :heart:

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Aaaah, this art is so beautiful! Thank you for translating and reccing this! I think works like this are challenging to translate, because so much of the atmosphere relies on the text being a visual part of the page. Or maybe that’s just me being a sucker for that tool of putting the bubbles over the rectangle, like at the bottom of the last page. That technique makes me feel things, okay?! :joy:

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I agree wholly! I know nothing about art composition but I think it does add to it!!! it’s like we don’t need to see it but we can feel it sorta thing!